Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October Favourites

Although October has been a busy stressful month, one thing did happen that made me extremely happy,I found my watch. My dad got it for me for my 18th birthday and I had worn everyday for years, the battery then stopped and I didn't wear for about 4 years. I finally got it replaced at the beginning of the year and I started wearing again, then I lost it. I searched everywhere and got very upset when I couldn't find it.  Then when I was transferring some photos to my laptop for my blog I dropped my SD card down the sofa, I stuck my arm down the side and pulled out my watch.  So thanks to my blog  I found my priceless watch.

Now onto my favourites, the song that I have been loving and singing (badly) non stop is One More Night by Alex Goot & Friends I even prefer their version than Maroon 5's.  I listened and fell in love after Tanya Burr mentioned it in one of her videos.

The next thing isn't terribly exciting, but is a handbag essential Soap and Glory Hand Maid is the best hand sanitiser I have ever used! It is the only one that I have come across which smells nice.  I think this has given me OCD I am forever putting this on, mainly for the smell.  If anyone knows of any other nice smelling hand sanitisers available in the UK please let me know.

My favourite YouTube video is Leona Lewis X Factor Make Up by pixiwoo.  I know its a bit early but think it would be a great make up look for the holiday season, which I can't wait for.

The best thing on TV at the moment has to be Downton Abbey, I was dubious about whether this series would be as good, but I think it may even be the best one yet.  It is perfect for Sunday evenings and how I wish I was Mary, love her clothes and I do quite like Matthew Crawley. 

My favourite make up product is Mac Style blush I now understand the point of blush and will definitely be investing in a few more - does anyone have any recommendations?

I have been wearing my Orange Pussybow Blouse which I got when I went Oxford loads this month think it is the autumnal colour and the fact it looks great with a pair or jeans, which I now live in as my new job has no dress code.

My last favourite is Nescafe Cafe Menu Latte in Caramel, after falling in love with the ice coffee at my hotel in September I was determined to find a coffee drink I love in this country too. I tried coffees in Starbucks and Costa but they were all so strong and bitter so I decided to try some of the instant drinks and discovered these.  They are gorgeous not very strong and just sweet enough although I do think a bit of caramel syrup would make it amazing.  I can only find at my local sainsburys which is a shame but I will definitely be stocking up.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nails - Victoria/The Vaudeville Nails Inc

I got this overglaze as part of a Today's Special Value from QVC last year, but hadn't got round to using it, so thought I would try it over Victoria.
It is a green/blue overglaze top coat, it looks very green in the bottle but very blue on the nails in certain light. Not sure it looks its best over Victoria but would look lovely over Black Taxi or Baker Street
It doesn't seem that this available any more but The Wyndham Overglaze Top Coat looks very similar.

What does everyone think hit or miss?

Monday, 29 October 2012

Mac Style Blush

I have always been a bit frightened of blush, I have quite a ruddy complexion and always thought it would just make my face redder, but after spending some time at the Mac counter thought I would be brave and try Style.
Style is a frost finish blush described as a 'coral-peach with gold' in the pan it looks a tad bright but swatched it looks absolutely gorgeous.  A perfect shade for paler skin tones I think.
It can be easily blended out to give an even more subtle look
I am absolutely loving this blush at the moment it really adds a lovely subtle colour and sheen to the cheeks.  After using this I finally see the point in wearing blush it really finishes off the look making you look brighter and healthier.

I picked this up when I was on holiday but can be bought from for £17.50

Does anyone have any other blush recommendations for a newly converted fan? 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autumn Haul

I have picked up a few bits and pieces lately so thought I would do a haul post.
The first thing I got was a gorgeous cutwork lace top from Warehouse for £38.00, which is also available in black.  I love the colour and the fit, and it looks great with jeans or a skirt.
I also picked up some Black Ultra Skinny Jeans from Warehouse for £32.00 I already have these in indigo.  I really love Warehouses jeans I went to Levi to have my curve measured a while ago and was told I had skinny legs for my waist size (think it was a nice way of saying I have a big belly) have found that mid and high rise jeans are the most flattering and these are the best on the high street I think.
I have also been desperate for a new pair of boots, after trying on what felt like every pair in Norwich I decided on these from Dune for £110. I wasn't looking to spend that much money but the quality of the leather along with the classic design meant I couldn't resist. These are also available in brown if I could I would have bought both.
With the weather getting colder I decided to get some long pj's and saw these cute bottoms from Tesco, just look how adorable the print is and at £8.00 I think they are a bargain.
As there was no matching top, I picked up the below one.
I can't find the link to this online in this colour but is also available in blue.  It is a really soft and cosy and for £7.00 might pick up a few more.
The only beauty product I bought this month is the Collection or Collection 200 Eyebrow Definer in 3 Blonde.  I don't have blonde hair but the only eyebrow pencil I have used previously was way too dark and made me look like I had a really bad scouse brow, so thought I would try a lighter shade.  I got this from Boots for £2.79 but couldn't find the link online.  
My boyfriend also treated me to a Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon from as he knows I love these.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Nails - Victoria Nails Inc

After fighting it for a while decided to embrace the fact it is autumn, I wouldn't say it is my favourite season as I don't like waking up and its cold, wet and dark outside, but do love dark nails - so not all bad.

I decided to reach for one of my all time favourite autumn/winter shades, Victoria. It is a beautiful dark cherry red, I would love to be able to wear this type of shade on my lips but I am not that brave.  

I haven't put a top coat on this as want to try a new top coat with this.  I will let you know how it turns out.
I did use Kensington Caviar Base Coat as always, which is even more important when using darker shades to prevent staining.

I have noticed that a few bubbles have dried in my nails - does anyone know why?
You can pick up Victoria from for £11 with free delivery

What's In My Bathroom - Laura Ashley Waterlily Mini Reed Diffuser

I picked this up when I went to York along with 4 other mini reed diffusers, and although they are minis they are lot bigger then the Yankee Candle ones so hopefully they will last a bit longer.  

The smell is lovely a really beautiful  fresh scent, which is just the right strength too. The bottle is a bit plain but would fit in with any d├ęcor.

Overall I am very impressed with this, the smell isn't synthetic and the fresh scent is perfect for the bathroom, just hoping it lasts well too.

You can pick up the 5 Mini Diffuser Gift Set for £20.16 usually £32.00.

Or the full size Waterlily diffuser for £12.60 usually £20

Sunday, 14 October 2012

What's In My Bathroom - No7 Luxurious Foaming Shower Oil

Firstly sorry for the photo but this was a bugger to photograph and this was the best (yes you read that right best) of a very bad bunch, did try different settings and lighting.  Anyway I bought this after last Christmas as it was part of a No7 gift set that was on sale. I have never tried any shower oils before but was tempted by the word luxurious and the description 'an indulgent in-shower treat, containing  nourishing Argan and Grapeseed Oils for soft, supple skin.'

As I said I was tempted by the word luxurious and was expecting some heady gorgeous scent well this just smells like oil really, no real scent which I guess could be a blessing in disguise, it doesn't compete with your perfume and is very unisex.  Now onto the other gripe I have with the name - foaming yes it does foam if you use a lot (and I mean a lot) on a body puff but otherwise there isn't much of a lather. I personally I think this should be renamed No7 Shower Oil.

Moan over about the name this has done wonders for my skin especially on my arms, as on the top of my arms I have lots of small hard dry pimples which no amount of scrubbing gets rid of.  Since using this I have noticed that they have got much better and my skin isn't as dry.  I have still been using my Body Shop Lychee Blossom Body Butter on my arms but after using this my skin doesn't feel like it needs moisturising anywhere else.

I was concerned that using an oil in the shower would cause me to slip and break my neck and there is a caution about surfaces becoming slippery on the back but I've not noticed it being any more dangerous then normal which is always good.

Since I bought this the packaging has changed but I assume the product is still the same and can be bought from for £9.95

I think that this is the perfect shower product for Autumn/Winter when your skin needs more moisture, I think it is a bit pricey and won't rush out to buy as I do have a lot of shower products to use up but will definitely look out for this if its on offer.

Has anyone else tried any other shower oils?

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Nails - Mayfair Mews Nails Inc

I have got a bit behind in posting what nail polish I have been wearing I actually wore Mayfair Mews by Nails Inc (who else) whilst I was on holiday.  I have been back just over two weeks and how I miss the heat and laying in the sun.

Anyway back to the nail polish I spent ages thinking about what colours to bring and then what to actually paint my nails with.  I wanted to go quite bright and summery, I bought a lovely coral bikini from asos, so went with the closest colour I had in my collection which turned out to be Mayfair Mews.  I liked it so much I wore on both fingers and toes for the whole week.
In my photos it looks more neon then in natural light but is a gorgeous neon(ish) coral.  I did find this slightly more sheer then most Nails Inc polishes and did take three coats to get full opaqueness.  As always the polish lasted fanatically and I have used Kensington Caviar Base Coat and Albert Bridge Top Coat.
I got this from in a collection with Baker Street I can't find it elsewhere but the collection is on waitlist!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Freebie Friday - Lancome Hypnose Star

I really need to start writing posts for all the freebies I have collected with magazines so decided to start Freebie Friday I very much doubt that this will be a weekly feature, due to working full time and studying. I just want to reiterate that although this is called Freebie Friday I haven't been sent this it I bought with Tatler in their September issue.

I do love getting Freebie mascaras as they tend to dry out quickly and aren't a product you should have hanging around your collection for months.  The small sizes are great and take up less space in your make up bag to.

The wand for this is different to anything I have ever seen before from one side looks normal the other looks like a Christmas tree with bristles longer at the bottom and shorter at the top.
I was unsure how I would get on with the wand but I actually really love it, found the different lengths really useful for getting those little lashes in the corner of your eyes and was even easy to use on bottom lashes. It made my lashes look very black, long and full It didn't clump and lasts all day without flaking or smudging but is still easy to remove.

I only have a couple of little niggles with this, one is the smell its not overpowering or horrid I just don't understand why you would want your mascara to have a scent.  The other thing if you cry whilst wearing this your eyes may sting, I can't remember what made me cry but ouch my eyes stung and I am pretty sure it was this . 

They are only small things and I have been reaching for this much more then my Body Shop Divide and Multiply Mascara.

Would I buy a full size? I am not sure I love the packaging of the full size but £21 for a product that you should only keep for a maximum of 6 months seems a bit much.  I really wished I picked up some more copies of the magazine now.

You can pick this up from for £21

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Magazine Madness November 2012

This month the freebies have been much better and I have heard that next month Glamour will be giving away Nails Inc!  Back to this month Marie Claire have four L'Occitane hand creams and InStyle have three Benefit products.  I picked up two Marie Claire's and three InStyles.
The hand creams I got were Rose Petals, I have the dry skin hand cream so looking forward lo trying the scented version.
I also got three TRESemme Split Remedy samples with the magazine.  I love TRESemme and my ends have been not in the best condition lately so look forward to trying these out.
The second hand cream I got was the Mango Flower as I love the smell of mango.  I am really impressed with Marie Clarie's freebies as 30ml is quite generous and the perfect size for your handbags.  
The second free gift I got was Dove Hair Therapy Colour Radiance I might give this to my mum as I don't colour treat my hair. Still think it is excellent to get two free gifts.
With InStyle I got all three Benefit products.  The first Sun Beam I am realy looking forward to using as I love High Beam but never tried Sun Beam.
I also picked Bene Tint I haven't tried this has have never been sure about blush but as you can use as lip stain too what can go wrong.
Lastly I picked up Cha Cha Tint not sure about mango as a colour for cheeks and lips but willing to give it a go.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

September Favourites

Sorry for being a few days late my studying is taking up a lot more time than I thought it would but here are this months favourites.

In September I discovered the Wunderlist app for my Blackberry and I love it. I have created loads of lists, one for this post, posts I want to write, products I want to try and even started my Christmas list. If anyone reading likes making lists get this app its great and free.

The polish I wore the most in September was Nails Inc Basil Street as it is the perfect shade nude for me.  I had a wedding to attend and wore a lovely teal dress with black accessories, I couldn't find a teal polish that matched and didn't want to wear black nail polish to a wedding so turned to my trusty Basil Street.  Also I started my new job and wanted to look neat and polished so again this was perfect.  

I went to Turkey in September and was really impressed with the two products I tried by Mark Hill Holiday Hair Sunset Smoother and Holiday Hair Cover Up this year was the first year my scalp didn't get burnt and my hair didn't dry out and look more like straw then hair.  I had never tried anything from Mark Hill but after trying these I might have to try out a few more products - does anyone have any suggestions?

I have also rediscovered No7 Advanced Hydration Night Cream I haven't used this for months as I was using Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser morning and night but now using up my No7 moisturisers.  I have really noticed my skin looking and feeling much better in the morning I definitely think that at night I will now use a night cream as opposed to a general moisturiser. I don't think that this is still in the No7 range but will replace with another of their night creams.

My favourite YouTuber I discovered this month is leighannsays she is very funny and uses a lot of drugstore products.

My last favourite is something I discovered on holiday - iced coffe. I don't like coffee normally as I find it way too bitter but at our hotel they had a cafe which made the most gorgous iced coffees I liked caramel syrup and cream with mine. I must have had about three a day and I miss them. I have had a caramel frappuccino from Starbucks since I have been back but not quite the same.

Mark Hill Holiday Hair Sunset Smoother Aftersun Condition

Another post long overdue I bought this and Mark Hill Holiday Hair Cover Up Protection Spray just before I went off to Turkey my hair has been quite dry recently especially the ends so really wanted to look after it in the heat.

Due to having such a sensitive scalp I didn't buy a different shampoo and continued to use my Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo.  I only used this on my ends and mid lengths of my hair.  You don't have to leave on for very long about 3 minutes and rinse well.  My hair was left soft and manageable and my ends looked much better after a few uses.  As I didn't need much I still have quite a bit left over so might use once a week as a mini hair mask.

I will definitely get this again as is a great travel size and a wonderful treat for your hair. 

You can pick this up from for £1.99 for 50ml

Mark Hill Holiday Hair Cover Up Protection Spray

This post is a bit late, but I bought this for my holiday after reading the info on the back ''every time you apply your sun scream, spray Cover Up through your hair. Don't forget your scalp especially on fine hair, partings and the temple area. Reapply after you have been in the sea or the pool.'' I have very fine hair and my scalp often gets burnt.

The smell is gorgeous a real holiday scent.  I sprayed lightly through my hair then tied it up in a ponytail and sprayed again concentrating on the hair line.  It does make your hair look and feel greasy but as I was only sitting by the pool or on my lilo I didn't really care, especially as my hair was up.  As instructed I reapplied whenever I put on sunscreen.

By the end of the day my hair felt very oily but my scalp wasn't burnt - result. I did have to wash my hair twice to get it feeling really clean, but would much prefer this over dried out hair with a burnt scalp.

You can pick this up from for £5.99 for 50ml

Monday, 1 October 2012

September Empties

This month I have used up 

No7 Gentle Foaming Cleanser which had been hanging around my bathroom for ages as this was the cleanser I was using before I discovered Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.  I really noticed a difference in my skin when I went back to using this as it didn't seem as clean or as hydrated.  I don't think this is in the No7 range any more but will now be sticking to my Liz Earle.

The Body Shop Lychee Blossom Shower Gel I really enjoyed using this product and am surprised with how long it lasted as have used daily since May.  I do really like the The Body Shop's shower gels as they smell gorgeous and really lather up well.

The Body Shop Lychee Blossom Body Lotion another fantastic product from The Body Shop I really liked the pump at the beginning but actually it was really hard to get the product from the bottom so maybe not such a great design feature.

Sanctuary Luxury Bath Float I love the smell of Sanctuary products and love layering them up so you feel really pampered.  I have been trying to spend more time relaxing and chilling and this is one of my favourite bath products as I find the smell very calming and the product very nourishing.  I always have a few of these and love getting these sets for Christmas.

Bourjois Volumizer Mascara I bought this quite a while ago after it being recommended in one of Tanya Burr's videos.  I really liked how dramatic this made my lashes but did find it clumped after a few applications.  I might buy this again but at the moment I have quite a lot of mascaras and try not to have too many on the go at any one time.

No7 Instant Radiance Concealer or whatever it used to be called as the name has completely rubbed off.  I always have one of these or something similar in my make up bag as I do suffer from dark circles around my eyes, and this does help although sometimes I need more coverage.