Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Random Ramblings #1

Just wanted to do a quick post on what has been happening recently as my blog has taken a serious back seat this month! I wish I had something exciting and amazing to tell you but unfortunately I don't, what has happened well life I guess!

I had a great Easter of relaxing before I wanted to start my serious revision for my next exam the biggie Financial Statements which is apparently the hardest module in my course eek! 

Since Easter however I have not been well, I have had a terrible cold. I lost my sense of smell for well over a week and at some point my boyfriend couldn't bear to be in the same room as me. I could hardly breathe and he couldn't hear the tv over my heavy breathing. I have honestly never had a cold like it, I was bed bound for two days, just putting clothes in the washing machine exhausted me.

After finally feeling more human and thinking the the worst of the cold was done I then had terrible earache. I was in so much pain so started taking decongestants like they were going out of fashion, as this was the only thing that stopped my earache. Unfortunately I don't think my stomach appreciated it and there were two days of feeling seriously nauseous and vomiting, nice eh.

That was a couple of weeks ago now but I am still now back to normal, my right ear constantly feels like I have been swimming and I have developed a manky rash on my hand. I haven't been to the doctors as to be honest whenever I go they always diagnose stress or a viral infection.

Talking of stress I have also had one of the most stressful months ever thanks to my ever so helpful bank. I am not going to say exactly what happened as frankly I have written it out so many times to said bank that the thought of even thinking about it brings me out in cold sweat. But thanks to them have had no money this month, literally not a penny. I had to borrow money from  my dad and boyfriend, and also use all my Christmas and birthday money I had saved up, just get back into my overdraft. After ringing my bank, emailing them, tweeting them, going into branch and writing a formal complaint my bank have done absolutely nothing to rectify their error and the best bit is I have incurred loads of charges thanks to their absolutely appalling customer service.  

I am now in the process of looking for another bank and think I am going to with First Direct as they are offering £125 to switch which would go some way into replacing my birthday and Christmas money. 

As I said earlier my next exam is coming up at the beginning of June so some serious revision is being started so not sure whether May will have any more post, but I will try.

Sorry for the random rambling but just wanted to explain my absence.

If anyone has any revision tips or recommendations for a new bank please let me know.