Saturday, 30 June 2012

7 Things June #2

After deciding to take part in the lovely Sprinkle Of Glitter 7 Things I thought I should post an update seeing as it's the last day of June! Click here to see my 7 Things
The first thing was too sort out my wardrobe which I have done.  I literally tried every item of clothing I owned.  I only binned a few items but did manage to fill a black bin bag full of clothes that are still in good condition that I am either going to try and sell on Ebay or give to charity.  

The second thing hasn't gone so well which was to get back on track with Slimming World as I am only just in target.  But when I went to my weigh in on Thursday I received a little booklet called Slim for Life, made for target members crammed with advice on staying at target - just what I need so have read it cover to cover and determined to at least not gain this week.

The third is to join a gym which I have kind of done - how do you kind of join a gym?  Well work and the gym next to my office have an agreement that employees can park in the gym car park if they are members so work offers half price membership, but you have to park across the road.  I have signed up but a space isn't currently available, but will be the end of July (and that is how you kind of join a gym)

The next thing I haven't really achieved either (I know what have I been doing) which was to start knitting again.  I did go to my local Hobbycraft and buy a pattern book fully of lovely pieces for premature babies and some lovely soft green baby wool.  I just need to get my needles out and actually knit something.

I have started to plan my blogposts (although as I am sure you have noticed haven't actually done any - tut tut) but have written lots of ideas in my lovely little notebook below.  I just need to write them.
I haven't started BBC Big Read yet either but have gone through the list and written down which books I actually own so I can start with one of those am thinking Pride and Prejudice or Emma by Jane Austen.  The reason I haven't started is that my lovely friend Gemma has lent me some books from Paige Toon and Melissa Hill so wanted to read them first, as I hate when you lend stuff out and don't get them back for ages.  So far I have read Johnny Be Good and Chasing Daisy which are great chick lit I loved Chasing Daisy.

The last thing was to finish painting the fence, we (well my boyfriend) have done some more but  but I hope we (he) will finish soon.

Overall I think I did pretty bad - much try harder in July (PS I still don't know what is happening with the gaps sorry it really bugs me too)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

7 Things June #1

After reading sprinkleofglitter blog I have decided to start my own 7 Things 
So here is my list I am not going to try and do these all in a week but hopefully will all be done/started by the end of the month, obviously I will keep you guys posted.

1) To sort out my wardrobe I only want clothes I like, that fit and that I will actually wear.  I am a bit of a hoarder so have a some outfits that have been hanging around for years, others have been kept in the hope that I will fit into them again, so I think a good old sort out is in order.

2) To get back on track with Slimming World I reached target 22nd March and although the last time I went I was still within target (just), I didn't go last week and I have been very naughty and getting lazy.  Slimming World is easy to follow but does require planning like making sure you have lots of free food in the fridge, buying the ingredients to make your meals from scratch and not buying lunch at work.

3) To join a gym so I can start swimming and exercising more regularly (well to be honest I don't think I have been in a swimming pool since my last holiday to Turkey in September)

4) To start knitting again, I haven't knitted anything for well over a year now but love nothing more then sitting in front of the TV knitting, it really makes me feel like I have achieved something and not wasted a day.  I did start making booties and mittens for premature babies and would love to knit a few more to send to a local neonatal unit.

5) to plan my blogposts I have lots of products that I have featured in hauls and not written full reviews, so I want to start getting a bit more organised.

6) To start the BBC Big Read I know this is from 2003 but every year I say I am going to try and read as many as I can from the list but still not started (obviously this one will take a considerable amount of time)

7) To finish painting the garden fence, at the moment only two panels are completely painted would be nice to have all the panels the same colour for some part of the summer.

Wish me luck (p.s if anyone knows how I can make my spaces smaller between paragraphs please let me know it is driving me nuts)

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sample Sunday - Chanel Intense Radiance Lipgloss

I got given this sample when I was in York and purchased my beloved Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua.
I am quickly becoming a big Chanel fan so was excited to try this out.  I love the packaging and size of the sample, means you can really try this out before shelling out £21 for the full size.
The shade is 166 Amour which is a beautiful coral pink with gold shimmer.  On the swatch it is quite sheer but on the lips it really brightens my natural lip pigmentation and adds a lovely shimmer.  I love the shimmer as it really lasts on the lips and looks fabulous.
I think that this could be worn in the daytime but would also look great on a night out.  The consistency is also gorgeous not runny and not too sticky, there is no scent either.

Would I purchase this - I would love this but at £21 from its not cheap.  I think will keep using the generous sample and purchase if I decide I can't live without or put it on my Christmas list (only just over 6 months to go)  

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Giveaway - Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus

I have got a bottle of Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus to give away to one lucky reader.
If you would like the chance to win simply write a comment in the below with your email address so I can contact the lucky winner for delivery details.

Entry is open worldwide and is open for two weeks until midnight GMT on 30/06/12.  The winner will be chosen at random from the comments and will be contacted by on 01/07/12

Good Luck

Nails - Piccadilly Circus Nails Inc

I couldn't decide which colour to paint my nails so asked my lovely friend Hannah who helped me pick Piccadilly Circus by Nails Inc a gorgeous deep cerise pink.
As always I have used two coats with Kensington Caviar Top and Base Coat 
I think that the shade is very flattering and as always the quality is amazing.  My favourite thing about Nails Inc is that you don't have to faff around and do lots of thin coats, two thickish coats gives an opaque coverage and dries quickly.

I have got a spare bottle of this to give away, if you want a chance to win keep your eyes peeled, if you are not lucky enough to win you can buy from for £8.80

Haul - What else I bought in Oxford

My last post about what I bought in Oxford - I promise.  I spent an afternoon in Bicester and only bought one thing! I bought a pair or Havaianas, I have never owned a pair but my sister won't wear any other flip flops so they must be good.  I got the slim logo ones but mine have a black sole and silver strap they cost £19.31.
I also bought another pair of shoes from Dorothy Perkins which were £20 instead of £28 I can't find them online which really bugs me.  I really wanted brown shoes because I have seen loads of nice dresses for work and haven't bought them because black shoes wouldn't go with them.  Now I can go and buy them all - maybe next month though.
The last item is not from Oxford but I did buy this week when I went to Holt in north Norfolk.  Its a gorgeous note book which I feel in love with as soon as I saw it.  Thought it would be perfect for keeping in my handbag

Haul - What clothes I purchased in Oxford

As I said I went a bit mad with my spending but my wardrobe has been a bit sparse recently having lost nearly two stone so I did need some clothes (that is my excuse and that is what I am sticking to)  The first item I bought was a navy pencil skirt from Next with a brown belt for £35.    I do love Next for work wear.   I have searched online but can't find (do find their website hard work) the stock code is AA/02980 if that is any use.
In River Island I bought a Navy Stripe Blazer for £40, my boyfriend actually picked this out.  I have recently fallen in love with navy and cream, so decided to get it, but actually not sure about this now I am home, as not sure what to wear it with.
In Marks and Spencer I bought some bootleg trousers for £19.50 again I have recently fallen in love with Marks and Spencer's workwear especially their trousers as they are cheaper then Next and fit better on me.
I went into the Debenhams and there was a sale in Warehouse and Miss Selfridge so had a good rummage and bought a beautiful teal dress for £35 instead of £60 mine came with a patent black belt.  I might wear this to my boyfriend's sister's wedding or for work
I also picked up a black scalloped edge dress from Warehouse for £25.  I love the detail at the back and the material for if the weather ever does get better.
The last item of clothes I bought was an orange pussybow blouse from Miss Selfridge for £17 instead of £35.  I have this in cream and love it.  I wear it with jeans and for work so knew I had to get this.  The only thing I don't like is that the material snags easily.

Haul - What beauty products I purchased in Oxford

I more then made up for my lack of spending at pay day on my trip to Oxford.  I went a bit crazy especially the day I was alone, as my boyfriend had to go into London.  I will start with the cheapest item I bought which was from MUA.  I have never bought anything from MUA as to be honest usually go into Boots but popped into Superdrug so had a look at their counter.  I have been after a bronzer for a while as I think contouring is the only way I will ever get gorgeous looking cheek bones. When I saw that the bronzer was only a pound I decided to go for it.  I got shade 3  which doesn't seem to available online.
 Whilst in Superdrug I picked up Revlon Lip Butter in 025 Peach Parfait as it seems everyone is talking about them, so wanted to try one out  They are also on offer at the moment so only £5.99 in Superdrug.
I did pop into Boots and picked up Origins Plantscription for £45 for 30ml.  I have never used Origins before but know that a lot of other bloggers love the brand so went to their counter to have a look.  Recently I have really noticed that I am getting a lot of fine lines on my forehead (might just get a fringe as my forehead is becoming my nemesis) I probably should have done a lot of research into an anti ageing product but got swept up in the sales patter, appaerently if I use morning and evening for four weeks I will see a dramatic difference, so ended up buying, lets just hope it works!!
The last beauty product is from Lush which is a shop I go into, love having a play with the products, but don't usually end up buying anything, however as soon as I smelt the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon knew I would have to get it.  The smell is divine and can't wait to jump into the bath and try this out
Has anyone tried any of these?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vera Wang Lovestruck

After trying and really not liking DKNY To Go I went through my stash once again and found a Vera Wang Lovestruck Gift Set that I was gifted at Christmas
I firstly have to say how much I dislike the packaging, the lid is frankly ugly with the plastic flowers and the netting.  I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover so think I should move on to what's in the bottle.  As I keep saying I am rubbish at describing smells (I know maybe I shouldn't try blogging) but this is much more my kind of smell, I do love floral fragrances and the top notes are pink guava and mandarin whilst the base notes are sheer musk and wood which gives this a more 'grown up' scent then other floral fragrances.
In the gift set I also got some Shower Gel and Body Lotion which I haven't tried but do like having these for when you want to help make the scent last longer, like on a night out.

Would I purchase this - Yes this is much more me, I love a floral scent.

The set is available at for £19.00

Monday, 11 June 2012

Molton Brown Travel Duo

As I said in my last post of I am off for a few days to Oxford.  I am so excited I have been a couple of times but always in December when its been freezing, the weather might not be great but should still be warmer then December.  As I am away I have a chance to use some Molton Brown travel size products that were gifted to me.
Apologies for the quality of the above pic but the first is the Relaxing Yaun Zhi Bath and Shower, I think my boyfriend must have used this has I know I haven't yet its not completely full!!!  I love that this can be used in both the bath and shower I love having a bath so always nice to travel with a bath product. 
The second product is the Ultrasmooth Coco De Mer Body Lotion, in the set I was given there were two of these, I have used one already so know I love this.  It smells divine, sinks in quickly and leaves your skin feeling beautiful.

You can purchase 300ml of Relaxing Yaun Zhi Bath and Shower for £18 at and 200ml of the Ultrasmooth Coco De Mer Body Lotion for £18 also at

Would you like full reviews of these when I get back?

Nails - Basil Street Nails Inc

I am going to Oxford tomorrow for a few days and wanted a gorgeous natural colour which will go with anything, so I opted for one of favourite Nails Inc colours Basil Street
I love this colour I think it is the perfect nude for me and must be my most used Nails Inc polish.  It is paler then Lower Sloane Street which has become more used recently but I know I will keep coming back to Basil Street. 
I never really understood nude polishes until I tried this, but I must say I think that nude nails look so much neater and more chic then french manicures which try as I might at home, I just can't do.
Basil Street is currently £8.80 from

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sample Sunday - Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup

I got a sample of Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup in a magazine and thought I would give it a go.  It has been compared to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in many blogs and I have fallen in love with that so had high expectations.
The first thing I must say was that the shade I had a sample of was 2NW1 which is a tad too orange for my skin tone but not an awful match.  There are 16 shades available in total so might be something slightly less orange.
The texture is quite runny and a little goes a long way.  The coverage is quite sheer but can be easily built up on areas that require it, without looking like you are caking it on.  You also don't feel like you are wearing foundation your skin just looks better.

There are many similarities to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, they both require shaking in the bottle have incredible similar textures and coverage. I would say that I do prefer my Chanel but I think that this may because the shade I have is a perfect match.  

Would I purchase this?  This is a hard question to answer in theory yes if one of the other shades suited me better but in all honestly probably not as this is so similar to the Chanel I wouldn't really see why I would need both.

Would I recommend this product? Yes I think that this a great foundation it is slightly cheaper then Chanel which is £32 at Boots whilst the Estee Lauder is £27 from Boots also. I would recommend that you try both and see which one has the best shade for you as I don't think you would be disappointed in either.

What's In My Bathroom - The Body Shop Lychee Blossom Body Lotion

After running out of body butter  I decided to use The Body Shop Lychee Blossom Body Lotion to go with the shower gel I started using last month.  They were gifted to me together with a body butter.
Its really nice to use the same shower gel and body lotion to layer the scent onto your skin, I do love the smell it is very sweet and fruity. Why I picked the body lotion instead of the body butter is mainly to do with the texture as its a lot lighter (and my skin isn't as dry in the summer) and also because of the pump.   I love body butter but don't love how it always get behind my nails.
I do find that a little goes a long way and if you use too much it can take an age to sink in but if you use sparingly will leave your skin lovely and soft.

It's such a shame that this range is no longer sold, but just makes me more determined to start going through my stash.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pay Day Haul June

As soon as I get paid I can't wait to hit the city and spend spend spend.  On Saturday I went shopping and disappointingly I only bought three things.
 The first thing I bought was inspired by the recent hot weather (although as I am writing this it raining and I am wearing a thick jumper) I was getting worried that my current moisturiser doesn't have any SPF so wanted an SPF for my face but didn't want another moisturiser.  I purchased The Clinque Super City Block from Debenhams for £16 as it can also be used as a make up base.
I also picked up some Translucent Loose Powder from Marks and Spencer for the bargain price of £3.75 it should have been £5.00 but there was 25% off.  I have never used loose powder before because it wasn't really sure what it did but after seeing so many beauty videos I knew I should give it a try.
The only item of clothing I bought were some navy shorts from Dorothy Perkins for £18.00 I did want some denim shorts but could only find hot pants and although I am a lot more confident since I lost some weight I didn't think I could pull of hot pants.

I was really looking for work wear but couldn't find anything I liked - oh well better hit the shops online...

Nails - Will Nails Inc

Obviously I wore my Jubilee nail polish over the weekend and wanted to keep in the Jubilee spirit so decided to wear my Will Nails Inc
This was released last year to celebrate the Royal Wedding and unfortunately was limited edition but is a gorgeous colour its super glossy and a bit brighter and darker then in the pics.

I love the cap with the union jack in crystal
The top even has crystals on it

Sunday, 3 June 2012

May Favourites

I wanted to share the products I have been loving recently. 
The first is my current favourite scent Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel.  Its a gorgeous fresh citrus scent.  My boyfriend got this for me last October and I have used everyday since you can purchase from for £53.00 for 50ml (having just found out how expensive this is I may start using less liberally)

My second is another Chanel product the Vitalumiere Aqua foundation which I picked up in Fenwick's at York but can be purchased at for £32.  I have feel in love with this product, its so light and makes my skin look amazing (will do a full review soon)

My next product is Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which I am still loving.  My skin has really benefited from this product and I must admit that this is the only cleanser I have bought and nearly three months later is still using regularly instead of reverting back to wipes.

My last product is Urban Decay's Naked Palette which my sister got me for my birthday.   I know I was a bit behind in getting this but have fallen in love with this palette the eye shadows blend beautifully and there is a great mix of colours.  This can be purchased on for £30.60

Sample Sunday - Rituals Awareness Face Exfoliator Facial Scrub

When I was in York the lovely saleswoman at Rituals gave me a few samples so I thought I would try out the Awareness Face Exfoliator Face Scrub as I do love exfoliating.

On the back of the sample it says 'Wet the face.  Exfoliate with fingertips until grains are dissolved.  Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.'  so this is how I used however their website it says it can be used on dry skin also.

The grains are small but still reassuringly exfoliating as they are natural and dissolve.  If you prefer products which have even spherical grains I would not recommend but I personally love the feeling of giving your skin a scrub.

The smell of this product is really nice and floral but not overpowering.

Although the product says it is a brightening face exfoliator I can't say that I noticed my skin looked any brighter but did feel very smooth and soft especially my forehead which has been a problem area of late.

There were two things I really liked about this product.  One was that it could be used in two ways depending on your skin type, dry if oily or combination and wet for dry and sensitive skin.  I think this will be great if like me your skin is drier in the winter and oilier in the summer.

I also really liked that when the grains start to dissolve you know to stop as I have been known to over do it with facial scrubs.  

I really liked this product and will definitely put this on my wish list it can be purchased in store or from or for £9.90 for 75ml