Saturday, 30 June 2012

7 Things June #2

After deciding to take part in the lovely Sprinkle Of Glitter 7 Things I thought I should post an update seeing as it's the last day of June! Click here to see my 7 Things
The first thing was too sort out my wardrobe which I have done.  I literally tried every item of clothing I owned.  I only binned a few items but did manage to fill a black bin bag full of clothes that are still in good condition that I am either going to try and sell on Ebay or give to charity.  

The second thing hasn't gone so well which was to get back on track with Slimming World as I am only just in target.  But when I went to my weigh in on Thursday I received a little booklet called Slim for Life, made for target members crammed with advice on staying at target - just what I need so have read it cover to cover and determined to at least not gain this week.

The third is to join a gym which I have kind of done - how do you kind of join a gym?  Well work and the gym next to my office have an agreement that employees can park in the gym car park if they are members so work offers half price membership, but you have to park across the road.  I have signed up but a space isn't currently available, but will be the end of July (and that is how you kind of join a gym)

The next thing I haven't really achieved either (I know what have I been doing) which was to start knitting again.  I did go to my local Hobbycraft and buy a pattern book fully of lovely pieces for premature babies and some lovely soft green baby wool.  I just need to get my needles out and actually knit something.

I have started to plan my blogposts (although as I am sure you have noticed haven't actually done any - tut tut) but have written lots of ideas in my lovely little notebook below.  I just need to write them.
I haven't started BBC Big Read yet either but have gone through the list and written down which books I actually own so I can start with one of those am thinking Pride and Prejudice or Emma by Jane Austen.  The reason I haven't started is that my lovely friend Gemma has lent me some books from Paige Toon and Melissa Hill so wanted to read them first, as I hate when you lend stuff out and don't get them back for ages.  So far I have read Johnny Be Good and Chasing Daisy which are great chick lit I loved Chasing Daisy.

The last thing was to finish painting the fence, we (well my boyfriend) have done some more but  but I hope we (he) will finish soon.

Overall I think I did pretty bad - much try harder in July (PS I still don't know what is happening with the gaps sorry it really bugs me too)