Tuesday, 19 June 2012

7 Things June #1

After reading sprinkleofglitter blog I have decided to start my own 7 Things 
So here is my list I am not going to try and do these all in a week but hopefully will all be done/started by the end of the month, obviously I will keep you guys posted.

1) To sort out my wardrobe I only want clothes I like, that fit and that I will actually wear.  I am a bit of a hoarder so have a some outfits that have been hanging around for years, others have been kept in the hope that I will fit into them again, so I think a good old sort out is in order.

2) To get back on track with Slimming World I reached target 22nd March and although the last time I went I was still within target (just), I didn't go last week and I have been very naughty and getting lazy.  Slimming World is easy to follow but does require planning like making sure you have lots of free food in the fridge, buying the ingredients to make your meals from scratch and not buying lunch at work.

3) To join a gym so I can start swimming and exercising more regularly (well to be honest I don't think I have been in a swimming pool since my last holiday to Turkey in September)

4) To start knitting again, I haven't knitted anything for well over a year now but love nothing more then sitting in front of the TV knitting, it really makes me feel like I have achieved something and not wasted a day.  I did start making booties and mittens for premature babies and would love to knit a few more to send to a local neonatal unit.

5) to plan my blogposts I have lots of products that I have featured in hauls and not written full reviews, so I want to start getting a bit more organised.

6) To start the BBC Big Read I know this is from 2003 but every year I say I am going to try and read as many as I can from the list but still not started (obviously this one will take a considerable amount of time)

7) To finish painting the garden fence, at the moment only two panels are completely painted would be nice to have all the panels the same colour for some part of the summer.

Wish me luck (p.s if anyone knows how I can make my spaces smaller between paragraphs please let me know it is driving me nuts)