Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sample Sunday - Rituals Awareness Face Exfoliator Facial Scrub

When I was in York the lovely saleswoman at Rituals gave me a few samples so I thought I would try out the Awareness Face Exfoliator Face Scrub as I do love exfoliating.

On the back of the sample it says 'Wet the face.  Exfoliate with fingertips until grains are dissolved.  Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.'  so this is how I used however their website it says it can be used on dry skin also.

The grains are small but still reassuringly exfoliating as they are natural and dissolve.  If you prefer products which have even spherical grains I would not recommend but I personally love the feeling of giving your skin a scrub.

The smell of this product is really nice and floral but not overpowering.

Although the product says it is a brightening face exfoliator I can't say that I noticed my skin looked any brighter but did feel very smooth and soft especially my forehead which has been a problem area of late.

There were two things I really liked about this product.  One was that it could be used in two ways depending on your skin type, dry if oily or combination and wet for dry and sensitive skin.  I think this will be great if like me your skin is drier in the winter and oilier in the summer.

I also really liked that when the grains start to dissolve you know to stop as I have been known to over do it with facial scrubs.  

I really liked this product and will definitely put this on my wish list it can be purchased in store or from or for £9.90 for 75ml