Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July Favourites

My favourite nail polish has to be Portobello by Nails Inc. I have had loads of comments since putting this on, on Saturday and love how bright it is but still ultra flattering.
I have also been loving The Body Shop Divide and Multiply Mascara I love how this gets every lash and doesn't clump. I have been using this all the time on my bottom lashes and on my top lashes for day time.

I have two favourite films for this month Magic Mike and The Dark Knight Rises.  I couldn't wait to see Magic Mike and wasn't disappointed, yes critics will say that there is very little plot but I don't think that anyone in the cinema was looking for a great story.  I am already looking forward to it being released on DVD as perfect for a girly night in.

The Dark Knight Rises was absolutely amazing I won't say too much as some people might not have seen it yet but I thought it was fantastic end to the recent Batman trilogy.  I had only watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight the weekend before The Dark Knight Rises was released. I had never really got into these kind of films before as I do like a good chick flick but I have fell in love with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman.  I did think that for a 12A it was very violent but not as dark as The Dark Knight.  I was literally at the edge of my seat till the very end.  I think that the best thing about the film is it was something both me and the boyfriend enjoyed.

My favourite YouTube Video is from Sprinkle of Glitter called Being Happy.  I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps this month and watched this after having a particularly horrid day at work.  I found myself thinking of ways that I could look at my life and stop dwelling on things I can't change.  I would recommend everyone takes a look at the video.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum

After noticing fine lines on my forehead I decided it was time to take action and buy an anti-aging serum.  I bought this whilst I was in Oxford and have used morning and night everyday since.
This is the first Origins product I have tried and was really looking forward to trying out the brand  after reading such raves on other Origins products.  I wasn't blown away with my first impressions of the product I am not keen on the smell. I am not sure what it is about the smell that I don't like, having said that it is not horrendous .
The serum is to be used before your moisturiser and I must admit that I haven't been using the 2-3 pumps as directed as my area of concern is my forehead so have been concentrating on that, also at £45.00 for 30ml I can't justify using 6 pumps a day!

Now to the results this is when I wish I took a before and after photo as to be honest I still have fine lines, I was hoping that they would dissaapear but no such luck.  Sometimes I look in the mirror and can barely see them other times I look and they look quite deep, they definately haven't got any worse and I haven't had any reactions to the product.

Do I think that this is worth £45.00 erm no and I doubt I will repurchase as it is just so expensive.

You can purchase from boots.com

Does anyone have any recommendations for what I can try when this runs out?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sample Sunday - Nivea Soft

I got these samples with my recent asos.com purchases and after loving Nivea Hand Duo I couldn't wait to give it a go.
As soon as I opened the cute little pot the first thing I noticed was the smell. It smells a lot like sunscreen which doesn't bother me at all, as makes me think of holiday's in the sun.
The cream itself is quite thick but sinks in very quickly and can be used on your hands, face and body.  I am not sure whether I would use on my face regularly as I think it might be a bit too rich, but for hands and body it is great especially as I do have dry skin.
It comes in three different sizes a 75ml tube and 200ml or 300ml pots. I will definitely pick up a 75ml tube for my handbag as always handy to have some moisturiser on you.

Also appears that all three sizes are half price at Sainsbury's at the moment.

Nails - Nails Inc Portobello

After really not loving (can't bring myself to type the H word) Nails Inc Warwick Street I needed to paint my nails.  I picked out Portobello as was off to a summer party and was going to wear my gorgeous orange blouse from Miss Selfridge that I picked up in Oxford
I think that this might become my go to summer shade it is so bright and uplifting.  I am very pale but it is still very flattering that said it would look absolutely amazing with a tan.
As always I used one coat of Kensington Caviar Base Coat two coats of colour and Albert Bridge Top Coat.

You can buy directly from nailsinc.com for £11.00 plus p+p or as I did from qvcuk.com with the Nails Inc 7 Piece Special Effects for £30.25 plus p+p

Friday, 27 July 2012

7 Things - July

I decided to take part in sprinkle of glitter 7 Things in June and must admit that I got a bit confused and set my goals for the rest of the month instead of the following month doh!!! 
So here are my goals for August (which might look similar to my original post)

1) To go to the gym at least twice week aiming for one gym session and one swim.

2) To really make an effort to get back into my knitting and make some things for my local neonatal unit.

3) To read or at least start one book from the BBC Big Read am thinking Emma or Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

4) To get back to my lowest weight within my target range at Slimming World and stay there instead of going up and down.

5) To sort my photos and put in my digital photo frame, which my boyfriend got me for me last year!

6) To not buy any nail polish they are my biggest weakness I just cannot stop buying them. I will be acquiring 7 Nails Inc from QVC as they are pre ordered but other then that I will resist.

7) To try and be more positive am going to try and tweet a positive thought of the day every day in so when I am feeling a bit low can look back at all my #PTOTD

Is anyone else taking part?

Nails - Nails Inc Warwick Street

Today at work everyone was getting in the Olympic spirit so I wanted to paint my nails in team GB's colours.  I was going to use Nails Inc Jubilee but have worn lots recently for the Jubilee, so picked Warwick Street as it has red, blue and silver sprinkles.
I must say that this looks better in the bottle then it does on my nails as the sprinkles seem more prominent.  I was quite disappointed with the final results on the nails it just reminds me of dirty blu tack.
My issue with this is simply the colour, the quality and coverage is still amazing  I used two coats with Kensington Caviar Base Coat and Albert Bridge Top Coat. I just don't think that this a very flattering shade on me and not sure that it would be any better even if I had a tan.
This shade has been made especially for QVC and can be bought as part of the Nails Inc 7 Piece Special Effects Collections

Has anyone else tried this or does anyone want to try it? 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Nails Inc 7 Piece Special Effects Collection

Last Thursday Nails Inc was the Today's Special Value on QVC and obviously I couldn't resist, when I got home today they were waiting for me.
The colours from left to right are

Sloane Gardens
Pudding Lane
Porchester Square
Cheyne Walk
Princes Arcade
Warwick Street

I love the look of Sloane Gardens, Porchester Square, Cheyne Walk and Princes Arcade.

You can still pick up this set on qvcuk.com for £30.25 plus p+p

Nails - Nails Inc Windsor Castle

This post is a bit late (sorry) as I actually painted my nails with this on Saturday as it looks fabulous with denim.
I went out on Saturday night and didn't know what to to wear so opted to paint my nails with Windsor Castle as I know it looks great with indigo denim.  I love the magnetic polishes from Nails Inc as they are so easy if like me you haven't got the patience or the steady hand required for proper nail art.
You apply one coat normally, I also used my trusty Kensington Caviar Base Coat. I think that the colour is gorgeous without using the magnet.
You then paint a thick coat to one nail at a time and place the magnetic top over your wet nail. To get in the correct position place the lip on the cap just below your cuticle and holding for 10-15 seconds.  When you remove the magnetic the design will be revealed.  Repeat this for all your nails.
To get the best finish and help make this last a bit longer (as the magnetic polishes don't last as long as the normal polishes) I used Albert Bridge Top Coat

I got this from qvcuk.com as part of the Nails Inc 6 Piece Magnetic Attraction Collection for £28.74 plus p+p and it seems it's a QVC exclusive.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

asos Summer Haul

I have been trying to be good this month and didn't go shopping on pay day but after going through my wardrobe I discovered that I didn't have any bikini's that fit so had a quick look on asos.com and ended up buying two bikini's and two nail polishes.
Both bikinis were from French Connection the first was a Triangle Bikini Top with Horse Shoe Print for £16.50 I am definitely keeping this can't go wrong with a classic triangle bikini top and I love the print.
I also got the bottoms to match for £11.00
The other bikini I got was the Blue Stripe Ring Bandeau Bikini Top for £12.00  this one I am not so sure about lets just say that I don't look like the model when I wear it.
I also got the matching bottoms for £11.00. I really like the bottoms just not sure that the top is very flattering on me.
The polishes I got are not Nails Inc but instead Kardashian Kolour by OPI Nicole.  I have been after some for ages and didn't realise that they were available at asos.  I did always want Khloe Little Lamb but decided it wasn't really a summer shade. I ended up getting All Kendall-ed Up for £6.00 which I think is a perfect shade for summer.
I also got Kim-pletely In Love for £9.00 which is a pale pink with blue shimmer, which I can't wait to try out.
I also got some samples of TRESemme Split Remedy
And Nivea Soft

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Body Shop Divide and Multiply Mascara

I got this when I went to York as part of a set including three other products for the bargain price of £17.40.
I decided to give this a go on Sunday when I was getting ready to go out and see Magic Mike with my lovely friend Hannah. I must say I was really impressed.  When I saw the brush I wasn't sure whether I would like it, but the brush is actually amazing.  It coats every lash even the little ones in the corner of your eye.  It also worked beautifully on the bottom lashes.
The formula didn't clump and my lashes stayed lovely and soft.  I also found that this didn't budge even when I cried during the film (with laughter, I am not sure whether it was meant to be funny but it was the most hilarious film I had seen this year) 

I was really impressed with this mascara I probably wouldn't wear it on a night out but for day time I think its perfect.  

You can purchase this from thebodyshop.co.uk for £11.00

Monday, 16 July 2012

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I bought this a few months ago but for some reason have never written a post, so thought tonight is the night.
I wanted a brush to apply my foundation as I had tried a cheap foundation brush before but wasn't that impressed. I tweeted Samantha Chapman asking which brush from her range she would recommend and which would be the easiest to use, she replied suggesting the stippling brush.  The first thing I love about this brush is how soft it is. I also love the fact that the end is flat so that it can stand up and it takes up less room on my dressing table.
The quality of the brush is amazing not one hair has shed and it cleans up beautifully.  I have been really impressed with the results I have got with this brush applying my foundation and tinted moisturiser. I had always been put off my foundation brushes as always thought they were just a way of you using more foundation, but I have found that I actually use less as you can really work the product into the skin.
I have really fallen in love with this brush and now got my sights on the contour and blush brushes.

You can pick this up at boots.com for £11.99

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sample Sunday - The Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturiser SPF 30

I picked this sample up when I went into Norwich on my last pay day shopping trip. I was looking for a SPF for my face but didn't want another moisturiser. The Body Shop didn't have one but the lovely saleswoman gave me a couple of samples of moisturisers which have a SPF.
I wasn't given a massive sample but still can use for a good few days.
There is a citrus scent to the moisturiser which reminded me of sun screen. It is quite a bit thicker then what I would normally use.  I have combination skin, my forehead is very problematic and is currently quite oily whilst the rest of the face is dry.  I was concerned about putting this on my forehead as it is thick.
I was expecting this to turn my face white and take an age to sink in but it disappeared and absorbed quickly.   My cheeks were left soft and hydrated but I wasn't so keen on this on my forehead as my skin did start to get very greasy. If you have oily skin I wouldn't recommend this but if you have dry skin and looking for a high SPF I would definitely give this a go.

Would I purchase this - no but if I had dry skin all over I would.

You can buy this from thebodyshop.co.uk for £11.00 for 50ml

Nails- Nails Inc Phillimore Gardens

After seeing so many people wearing beautiful pale pinks on their nails I decided to dig through my collection and try one out.  I opted for Phillimore Gardens which I got in the QVC Ahead of the Trend May Auto Delivery 
I did use three coats to get the coverage I like, as I hate seeing your nail through your polish.
I think that this would look amazing if I had a tan, as would really make the colour pop. Think I may take away with me to Turkey as would go with any colour bikini.

This can bought from qvcuk.com for £25.74 plus p+p along with 6 other shades.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon

I picked this up when I went to York about a month ago and couldn't wait to use when I got home.  Unfortunately when I got home we had no hot water which was only fixed yesterday - luckily we have an emergency hot water heater so could shower.
The reason I picked this up is that it smells gorgeous and I had never tried anything other than  bubble bath so thought I would give it a go.  I used half and crumbled into running water.  I must say I didn't enjoy crumbling the product, as it reminded me of baking and I ended up with it all stuck to my hands.

I was impressed with the number of bubbles and it turned the water bright orange which I liked.  When I got in the bath I did feel bits that hadn't fully dissolved, which I wasn't too keen on.  The bits settled at the bottom and made it feel a bit sandy, they did dissolve eventually though.

I have very dry skin especially on my legs and arms, this contains coconut oil and shea butter so is very moisturising and my legs were left soft and silky afterwards.

I think this would be a great product to take on holiday as you could put in one of  the those small plastic zip bags and put in the your suitcase so it wouldn't be bulky or spill.  I think I might pick up another one before my holiday in September as would be lovely after sun bathing.

You can get these from lush.co.uk for £2.95

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Nivea Hand Duo

I love my Nails Inc Kensington Hand Lotion but I wouldn't bring it into work as I wouldn't leave anything valuable on my desk.  Whilst I was in Sainsbury's they had selected Nivea hand creams on 2 for 1.
I picked up Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream and Express Hydration Hand Lotion.
Smooth Nourishing has quite a thick texture and does take a couple of minutes to sink in fully.  It  does however keep your hands moisturised for ages.
Express Hydration is much lighter and absorbs practically instantly which is really handy for work.  It also keeps your hands nice and moisturised for a good couple of hours.
I do like both but I think Express Hydration is the best for work just because it absorbs so quickly.
Does anyone else have any essential beauty products for the office?

Monday, 9 July 2012

What's In My Bathroom - Yankee Candle Garden Sweet Pea Reed Diffuser

I always have a reed diffuser in my bathroom and was gifted a set of three minis by Yankee Candle for my birthday.
I do love Yankee Candle their scents are long lasting and don't smell synthetic or cheap.  I love that the glass bottle is decorated makes it so much prettier then a plain glass bottle.
The mini's are very mini (15ml) so not expecting it to last very long.  The smell is lovely and sweet and fresh however its not the strongest scent probably due to the size.

You can purchase the full size at play.com for £12.49

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nails - Nails Inc Cumberland Street

After wearing Power Pink for 6 days I decided today that I needed a fresh colour and picked Cumberland Street by Nails Inc.
In the photos the colour reminds me of bluebells but in real life it is quite bright.
I got this as part of the QVC Ahead of the Trend May Auto Delivery I don't think that I would have bought this if it hadn't be part of a set, but on I think looks really nice. It's a lovely shade for the summer (if it ever stops raining here that is)
The set can be bought on qvcuk.com I can't find this shade anywhere else.

Sample Sunday - Avon Viva by Fergie Eau de Parfum

I was given a sample of Fergie's new perfume by my lovely Avon representative a couple of weeks ago so thought why not review on my blog.
 The first thing I must say is that I think that the size of the sample is quite generous and secure so you can really try it out before you decide to buy.
The fragrance is a blend of herbs, lavender and vetiver.  The scent is heavier than what I would usually wear and I am really not keen on lavender in general, however its not too strongly scented of lavender that would stop me wearing it.
Would I purchase this - probably not to be perfectly honest not because I don't like the scent, but mainly because I do have a lot of perfumes, and I am not sure I would wear this on a daily basis.  I will wear the sample again though probably on a night out.

You can buy direct from the website or through an Avon Representative for £15.00 for 50ml.