Friday, 27 July 2012

7 Things - July

I decided to take part in sprinkle of glitter 7 Things in June and must admit that I got a bit confused and set my goals for the rest of the month instead of the following month doh!!! 
So here are my goals for August (which might look similar to my original post)

1) To go to the gym at least twice week aiming for one gym session and one swim.

2) To really make an effort to get back into my knitting and make some things for my local neonatal unit.

3) To read or at least start one book from the BBC Big Read am thinking Emma or Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

4) To get back to my lowest weight within my target range at Slimming World and stay there instead of going up and down.

5) To sort my photos and put in my digital photo frame, which my boyfriend got me for me last year!

6) To not buy any nail polish they are my biggest weakness I just cannot stop buying them. I will be acquiring 7 Nails Inc from QVC as they are pre ordered but other then that I will resist.

7) To try and be more positive am going to try and tweet a positive thought of the day every day in so when I am feeling a bit low can look back at all my #PTOTD

Is anyone else taking part?