Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Nails - Nails Inc Windsor Castle

This post is a bit late (sorry) as I actually painted my nails with this on Saturday as it looks fabulous with denim.
I went out on Saturday night and didn't know what to to wear so opted to paint my nails with Windsor Castle as I know it looks great with indigo denim.  I love the magnetic polishes from Nails Inc as they are so easy if like me you haven't got the patience or the steady hand required for proper nail art.
You apply one coat normally, I also used my trusty Kensington Caviar Base Coat. I think that the colour is gorgeous without using the magnet.
You then paint a thick coat to one nail at a time and place the magnetic top over your wet nail. To get in the correct position place the lip on the cap just below your cuticle and holding for 10-15 seconds.  When you remove the magnetic the design will be revealed.  Repeat this for all your nails.
To get the best finish and help make this last a bit longer (as the magnetic polishes don't last as long as the normal polishes) I used Albert Bridge Top Coat

I got this from qvcuk.com as part of the Nails Inc 6 Piece Magnetic Attraction Collection for £28.74 plus p+p and it seems it's a QVC exclusive.