Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Nivea Hand Duo

I love my Nails Inc Kensington Hand Lotion but I wouldn't bring it into work as I wouldn't leave anything valuable on my desk.  Whilst I was in Sainsbury's they had selected Nivea hand creams on 2 for 1.
I picked up Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream and Express Hydration Hand Lotion.
Smooth Nourishing has quite a thick texture and does take a couple of minutes to sink in fully.  It  does however keep your hands moisturised for ages.
Express Hydration is much lighter and absorbs practically instantly which is really handy for work.  It also keeps your hands nice and moisturised for a good couple of hours.
I do like both but I think Express Hydration is the best for work just because it absorbs so quickly.
Does anyone else have any essential beauty products for the office?