Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Favourites

I decided to do a slightly different favourite post then last months the main reason is that I don't have the money to buy loads of products to try out each month.  So decided after watching Tanya Burr's May Non Beauty Favourites just to do a post on what I have loved this month - so might be a bit random.
The only beauty product this month is Nails Inc Jubilee polish, the only thing I will say that getting it off is a pain in the backside.  It takes longer to remove then it does to do apply!!! But I still love it.

Also linked to the Jubilee was my favourite YouTube video by pixiwoo of Cheryl Cole's make-up from the concert.  Cheryl as always looked stunning and I do love the pixiwoo sisters.

My next favourite has to be The Fifty Shades Trilogy I have read the whole trilogy twice and the second book (Fifty Shades Darker) three times.  I have literally become obsessed with them, yes I know they aren't the best written books in the world and are a bit raunchy but OMG they are addictive, I had to make myself stop reading them at night.

My favourite film that I discovered this month is Crazy Stupid Love I know that this has been out for ages but I watched it for the first time in June and thought it was really good, the best scenes were obviously when Ryan Gosling was topless but other scene weren't too bad either.