Friday, 24 January 2014

Wild Olive - Peony Bath Sundae

I bought this months ago after seeing it in one of my favourite shops in Holt. If you are ever in North Norfolk I would recommend having a browse, alternatively check out their site

After having a very stressful few weeks I decided to try this out. There is no real description on the product or instructions. I thought that this would be similar to some of the Lush bath products. I chucked the whole thing in a running bath and waited.

Nothing happened this didn't fizz, create any bubbles or even change the colour of the water. I was disappointed but this did smell amazing. When I tried to get in the bath I realised that this had in fact done something. It had turned into an oil and I nearly broke my neck as I literally slipped into the bath.

I can't say I am a fan of bath oils, I find they leave a lot of residue on the skin and on the bath and lets face it they make you and the bath very slippy. I would also prefer bubbles in my head the more bubbles the better.

The product isn't bad, but if I had realised it turned into an oil I wouldn't have picked it up. My skin did feel amazing and the whole of my upstairs smelt heavenly after this.

Unfortunately the downsides outweigh the positives for this and I wouldn't buy it. That said if you like bath oils I would definitely recommend this.

This is available for £2.25 from