Friday, 7 February 2014

What's In My Bathroom - Rituals Zensation Foaming Shower Gel

I got this many moons ago after going away on holiday, you can see what else I picked up here. I decided to give this ago after being particularly stressed out at the moment.

Rituals make the most amazing scented products, they are never synthetic or over powering and this is no exception. You can smell the cherry blossom which gives a gorgeous hint of sweetness.

I don't find this the most hydrating formulae, not that this is drying just that my skin could do with some extra help at this time of year. This obviously foams well but I do find that I use a lot of this mostly because it smells so good but also  because you can't really use with a shower puff.

I don't imagine that this will be hanging around my bathroom long, but is a lovely edition none the less. I am not sure whether I purchase this one again as I do have the Yogi Flower version which smells even better.

This isn't the most purse friendly shower gel especially with how quickly I am going through it, but if they are on offer I will be very tempted to pick up more.

This is available from for £8.50 for 200ml