Monday, 28 July 2014

Mini Monday - Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle

I received this in one of my Birchbox's and was interested to see how I got on with it. I haven't dabbled with leave in conditions for years thanks to my fine hair and only use drugstore heat protectors usually.

This makes several claims on the back
  • instantly detangles
  • provide thermal and UV protection
  • seals cuticles
  • smoothes hair
  • locks in colour
  • add shines
  • is weightless, non greasy and suitable for all hair types.
On first use I thought I had a dodgy bottle as I just couldn't get anything to come out, but after a good shake it finally came out. This is more of a serum then a watery spray which I wasn't expecting. 

It is heavily scented of vanilla which I personally love but if you aren't a fan of scented products that may put you off.

Anyway scent aside did it deliver? Well yes I think it did. I don't know how you are meant to test whether it heat protects your hair and I don't have colour treated hair but I agree with all the other claims. 

My hair was noticeably softer and less frizzy, it also had more shine and needed less brushing. You do have to be careful with this as if I applied too much my hair did just end up looking greasy, but with the right amount it just looked like it was in really good condition.

I wash my hair daily so can't comment on how day two hair would look but as a daily washer this has become my holy grail heat protector. 

The only snag is the price and the availability. This appears to be a Birchbox exclusive and is £15 for 236ml available here