Sunday, 19 October 2014

Soap & Glory - Trick and Treatment Dark Circle Concealer

I thought I would complete my mini series of the concealers I currently own *although at the time of posting I have bought another one. After being impressed with the Laura Mercier Undercover Pot which I reviewed here I saw that Soap & Glory did a version the Kick Ass Concealer which is available from which I fully intended to buy. 

However once in Boots I got sucked into trying out this. The reason I wanted to try this instead of the Kick Ass one is that this claims to not only conceal but also treats your dark circles. 

This is only available in one shade which with hindsight should have got the alarm bells ringing as sadly this really isn't my shade. I am rather fair and this is too dark and orange for me.

Shade aside I am not a huge fan of this due to the large amount of glitter this seems to have in it. My camera doesn't pick this up but it's like a glitter ball, especially in natural lighting. It also doesn't actually cover my dark circles just adds a large amount of sparkle. 

I can't review the claims on treating the dark circles as I haven't used more then a handful of times. If you are fair skinned and have bad circles I wouldn't recommend this sadly, the tone is just too dark and the coverage just isn't there either.

This hasn't put me off trying the Kick Ass concealer but will definitely check the shades.

You can pick this up from for £9.

If anyone has any concealer recommendations please let me know.