Sunday, 4 January 2015

Paul & Joe - Creamy Facial Foam

The first beauty post of 2015 is a product I have had for awhile and wanted to finally review. 

I hadn't heard anything about the product so was interested to see whether it was an unearthed gem. It doesn't have any instructions so I followed Caroline Hiron's cleansing cheat sheet - which you can read here

Things to note about this cleanser.

One this is horrible on dry skin, it really drags so I ended up having to wet my skin. 
Two it is very heavily scented of oranges which I don't mind but others might.
Thirdly this left my skin feeling tight and dry. 
Lastly do not get this anywhere near your eyes - it really stings.

As you can probably tell this was never going to get a brilliant review but I thought well I will make do and use it up. After about a week of using I noticed that my skin on the top of my cheeks were increasingly tender and sensitive. I thought this was just the changing seasons, so carried on. Then about three days later I developed lots of bumps and redness along my jaw. 

So I decided to go back to basics and used my trusty Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser and my skin cleared up. I then used the Paul and Joe once more and my skin went back to tender and sensitive. 

The lesson I learnt if a product doesn't suit your skin don't keep using it. Usually I want to get my money's worth but sometimes it's just best to put down to a lesson learnt and bin it. 

Safe to say this won't feature in an empties and I won't recommend.

This is available from for £13.50 for 110ml