Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What's In My Bathroom - L'Occitane Ultra Rich Shower Cream

I got this when I went to Bicester Village absolutely ages ago. Before I lost weight I would go shopping and end up buying mostly body products and nail polish. I didn't want to buy clothes until I lost weight. This went on for quite sometime until I bite the bullet and joined Slimming World. Long story short, I have a lot of shower gels, bubble baths, scrubs and nail polish.

I had always wanted to try L'Occitance as had spent many happy hour coveting the products on QVC. I never bought any as lets face it you can buy shower gel and moisturiser cheaper elsewhere. After walking around Bicester for a few hours and finding very little for under £100 which is still tasteful and in your size, L'Occitane and Molton Brown seem like bargains.

Enough about how this ended up in my possession, what is the actual product like?

This has the same scent as the Ultra Rich Body Lotion, which I have written a full post on here. I am not overly enamored with the scent, to me it just smells like soap. That said it isn't offensive and would be great for the whole family as both men and children could use. I just feel that a shower product in this price range should have a more luxurious smell.  

The scent isn't the only other thing about this which lets its down, this really doesn't lather well. I am not sure whether it is because it is detergent free, but to get a good lather out of it you need to use a lot with a shower puff.

Although this doesn't lather all that well it does feel lovely on the skin. It doesn't dry the skin out or irritate it. Again I imagine this would be good for children, although do children shower? I always had a bath as a kid.

Overall this is an none offensive product, I don't think many could take a real dislike to it. I just feel that I would rather save my money and put it towards a real luxury. 

I got the 500ml size which I can't find anywhere but you can buy 250ml for £13 from