Monday, 9 April 2012

Philip Kingsley Maximizer

My hair is very fine and lacks any volume so decided to ask for this for my birthday as I adore Philip Kingsley and use his hair masks, shampoo, conditioner and scalp tonics regularly and would now not be without them.

My mum bought for my birthday in March, I am not sure where but you can buy 250 mls from for £18.70 or 125 mls from for £13.20

I had read some reviews before I started using the product which said it left their hair dry and a bit like hay.  I did find that this was the case if you used too much of the product.  With all Philip Kingsley products I do find that you need a lot less of the product than with other brands.

I was quite disappointed in the product I found that when I was blow drying my hair it had lots of volume and bounce but as soon as I brushed or smoothed my hair it was all gone.  I also found that my hair wasn't as smooth or manageable.  I also would have preferred a product which included some heat defence as most drugstore volumisers do.

I doubt very much that I would purchase this again as I think that a cheaper drugstore volumiser would be much better value for money.