Saturday, 1 September 2012

7 Things August

Thought I was doing quite well last month on the old  7 Things  by  Sprinkle of Glitter but after seeing my goals maybe not so here is how I did.

1). I did not go to the gym twice a week in fact I think I went three times in the whole month.  I am also not a member of the gym any more as this was a work benefit. I will be starting a new job in September so my membership has been cancelled - oh well wasn't like I was going.

2). I haven't knitted anything this month - I have thought about picking up the old needles several times but that is as far as I got.

3). I have started The Big Read and you can read my latest post about Emma by Jane Austen here

4). This one has gone very wrong as instead of being at my lowest I am actually not in my target as I went over by half a pound at my last weigh in.

5). My photographs are now on my digital photo frame I haven't decided where my frame will go in my house as I am limited as it needs to be near a plug but my photos are on it none the less.

6). I did actually manage not to buy any nail polish yes I did get a collection from QVC but they were on auto delivery so don't count.

7). I did start with the tweeting positive things but then I stopped and I don't really know why, as I do think my positive attitude helped get me my new job.

In September I will

1). Get back in target with Slimming World I have set up an online food diary and decided to go back to have fruit and fat free yoghurt for breakfast as this is what I did to lose the 1 stone 8lbs so it clearly works for me.

2). To sort out some of our recipes, we have a small metal box with a load of blank recipes cards in and a stack load of magazines we have kept for the recipes, s=o I will make a start of transferring and recycling the magazines. 

3). To make time to relax, recently I have felt very stressed and know that starting a new job and studying towards my AAT level 4 is probably going to send my stress levels higher so think I need to make time and just chill, thinking nice long baths with a book or even going for a walk.

4). To sort through my knitting stash in an attempt to rekindle my love of knitting - I used to always have a project on the go but since getting a house with my boyfriend over 15 months ago have hardly done any.  If it doesn't work may have to think about selling some of it.

5). To restart my PTOTD again as think I will need some positive thinking especially before my first day of my new job.

6). To make more time for my boyfriend think this links in with relaxing as we have both been mega stressed recently.

7). To take lots of photos have a wedding to go to and jetting off to Turkey this month, just need to remember to take lots of pics, as I usually forget.