Saturday, 29 September 2012

Holiday Haul - Clothes

One of the downsides of losing weight is literally not having anything to wear when the weather changes so yesterday I went to Cambridge and did a bit of A/W shopping.
I got a grey pointelle stitch jumper from River Island which looks gorgeous with some skinny jeans.  For autumn will wear a vest top underneath as is quite sheer and in the winter a long sleeve t shirt.  I am not usually a fan of loosely fitted knit wear but this looks fantastic on and is very cosy.
From River Island I also bought the dark red studded cardigan I do worry I look a bit festive but Christmas will be here before we know it so at least I will be ready.  I really like the detailing around the cuffs also all the cardigans I have are very plain so thought this would be a great addition to my wardrobe.
I am really loving River Island at the moment their clothes fit me perfectly and have some great pieces.
I also got a slash neck sweater from Next it is very plain but thought with a pair of jeans and a scarf could be a lovely autumnal look.

Am in need of a pair of boots has anyone got any suggestions?