Monday, 11 November 2013

Mini Monday - Rituals Honey Touch Rich & Nourishing Body Cream

I got this as part of a gift set last Christmas, you can read what else I got here. I decided to take this on my recent holiday as it smells amazing. I can't really describe the smell other then divine and heavenly. 

The product itself is quite thick, not so thick that you are furiously rubbing away to get it to sink in though. It isn't as emollient as L'Occitane's Ultra Rich Body Lotion which you can read my review on here, but I do prefer this.

If you use the correct amount, which is less then you think, this absorbs into the skin almost instantly. There is no residue left on the skin. Your skin is left feeling and smelling amazing with no greasiness or stickiness so you can get dressed straight away. If you use a lot this will take a little longer to sink in but it still isn't tacky and will fully absorb within a few minutes.

I have horrible skin on my upper arms but I do think that they look and feel better after using this. In my opinion my skin is smoother and less bumpy.

I have some other products from Rituals stashed away and after using this I can't wait to get started on them. I am always banging on about premium priced products not smelling luxurious or just not being worth the price, but I genuinely love this. This isn't cheap but if you are looking for a real indulgent treat or a lovely gift then I don't think you can go wrong with this.

That said I am not sure I would purchase at the moment as one I am on a spending ban (let's see how long that lasts) and I really don't need any more body lotion.

This is available from for £17 for 200ml.