Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What's In My Bathroom - No7 Sumptuous Bath Soak

I can't remember whether this was gifted to me or whether I picked this up in the post Christmas  sales but I was really looking forward to using this. I love baths especially when it starts getting cold as my skin gets really dry.

The scent reminds me of baby wash which I find a bit strange for a so called 'little luxury.' The scent isn't very strong so not much of an issue but would prefer something a bit more grown up. This does create lots of bubbles which do last - don't you hate it when you start with lots of bubbles and by the end of the bath they have all gone!

This claims to soften your skin but this doesn't come close to Lush's Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon in my opinion.  If I didn't use a body scrub I don't think that my skin would have felt any different at all.

Overall I found that this was quite disappointing its not a bad product but I think it is very overpriced.  For £9.50 you get 200ml but with Avon you can get a litre of bubble bath which I think is of equal quality for £5.

This has been repackaged - not sure if it has been re formulated and is available from boots.com

What are your favourite bath products?