Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nails - Maddox Street Nails Inc

Firstly let me apologise for the state of my cuticles I must start using my Nails Inc Vitamin E Oil which I got for Christmas anyway I have been absolutely loving Maddox Street by Nails Inc recently. After Christmas and New Year I was getting fed up of red and glitter on my nails so had a hunt through my collection to see what other winter shades I had and found this. I think I got it the Christmas before last from my mum along with some other mini shades but had never tried.  

It is a gun metal grey and after thinking about falling out of love with Nails Inc (really not been interested in any of their new releases and finding some polishes just too thick and prone to bubbling) this has restored my faith.  I think I might be because it is a mini you get less on your brush so you apply a thinner layer but it goes on like a dream no bubbling, excellent coverage, still only needs two coats and doesn't highlight any ridges or imperfections. 

This has worked its way into my work uniform of black jeans, black boots and thick baggy jumper, it honestly looks amazing with my slightly faded black jeans.

I have used with my Kensington Caviar Base Coat and Albert Bridge Top Coat

You can pick this up from for £11 and I am seriously considering buying for when I finish my mini