Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sample Sunday - Rimmel BB Cream

After loving the Dr Jart+ BB Cream I decided to use the other BB sample I had before heading off to the shops.  I got a sample of the Rimmel BB Cream in a magazine a few months ago.
The first thing I noticed with this is that it had seemed to have separated,  I am not sure whether this is meant to be like this or I got a dodgy one or I had stashed away too long but it didn't fill me with confidence. The texture wasn't as thick as the Dr Jart and I did try and mix before slapping on my face.

There seems to only be two shades light and medium and I had light and this was way too orange for me, I do have fair skin but this was seriously orange no amount of blending was going to make it look ok.  I also know that I am no way near the palest of the pale so pale skin ladies beware.
Anyway colour aside I wanted to see how it lived up to its claims and whether cheaper BB creams could be as good as Dr Jart.  It says its primes, moisturises, minimisers pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, mattifies, brightens and helps protect.  First niggle about that claim aren't conceals and covers the same?

As with the Dr Jart I moisturised but did not prime just to make it fair.  This is not as easy to blend and you feel like you are using a lot of product as a result.  As for minimising pores this seemed to highlight every pore in my face and I am now paranoid about my pores on my cheeks.  I also didn't like the way this seemed to sit on my skin especially around my nose it just went a bit heavy and cakey. I still needed a concealer to cover some blemishes and the darkness around my eyes but did have more coverage then I was expecting.

This did have good staying power I wore for around 7-8 hours and it didn't go patchy or shiny but didn't really notice my skin looking brighter (apart from the orange)

Using this has made me even more desperate to buy the Dr Jart+ however I am trying to use up  my Benefit tinted moisturiser first as trying to stick to my New Years Resolutions

You can pick this up at for £4.99 at the moment usually £6.99