Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January Favourites

God it has been months since I posted a monthly favourite post but here are my January plus maybe a few from December.

I have been loving Maddox Street by Nails Inc this month I haven't really worn anything else on my fingers. I think that this looks amazing with my slightly faded black jeans which I have been wearing to death - hence the fading. Hopefully when the spring hits I will be lusting after something lighter or brighter or I might actually have a problem.

Another product I can't get enough of this month has been Treacle Moon Warm Cinnamon Nights it smells divine and find myself randomly sniffing the bottle when I go into the bathroom.  I don't know if these are still available in my local Tesco but if they are I might have to buy another one.

I have also fallen head over heals for the Dr Jart+ Regenerating BB cream, I still haven't bought the full size yet and it is even on offer at the moment in but am desperately trying to use up my Benefit tinted moisturiser first as I know I won't touch it again if I buy this.  I know most people wear heavier foundations in the winter but my skin has been so dry this winter  I wanted to give my poor parched skin some additional moisture. Although think I may have found the answers to my skin prayers but will keep you posted.

My last beauty favourite is this gorgeous little palette I got from my best friend I think the Christmas before last (or maybe my birthday) The shades are all shimmery and think the selection of neutral shades is really good. There are a couple of more dramatic shades for a evening out or for those a bit more daring. I have been wearing daily for work and have been impressed by the pigmentation and staying power. I do need to use a primer but I have really oily lids. Maybe if I am feeling brave I will do a FOTD post.
My favourite song recently has been Diamonds by Alex Goot I again prefer his cover to the original and must have listened to it at least a hundred times. I wish I could sing, in my head I sound like Julia on this track but I have been informed that I sound more like a dying cat!

My favourite blog I have discovered in the last few months is she seems so down to earth and I am so envious of her make up collection. Oh and her son Milo is so cute too.

My last favourite is an app for my iPad Mini. I was very lucky to be given my iPad mini as an unexpected Christmas present and was seriously excited to try it out but must admit I am a bit disappointed.  I mainly use the internet for watching YouTube and reading blogs.  I have no issues with YouTube but the find the two apps I have for blogging awful. They are Bloglovin' which was my preferred method for following blogs and Blogger.  Has anyone else got any better apps for reading and writing blogs? 

I seemed to have gone off topic I do love iBooks so far I have only downloaded Emma by Jane Austen which I will finish one day and The Great Gatsby as really want to read the book before seeing the film.  I was dubious about the app as have heard a lot of people say that it isn't great for reading for long periods on the iPad due to the bright screen and that I would be better to get a bog standard Kindle but so far so good.  I am hoping that I will be able to really start and make head way on The Big Read as many of the books are free.

What are you favourite apps?