Saturday, 29 June 2013

Nails - Ciate Caviar

After getting the Ciate Caviar Mini set with this months Marie Claire I decided to try it out for a big girls night out. There were no instructions but after searching online found this video here on how to apply.

The base colour wasn't very opaque after two coats but it was a flattering nude shade so I might do another post on that shade.

After applying two coats of Cookies and Cream and whilst the second coat is still wet you pour the beads over and gently push them down. This does make a lot of mess as the beads tend to go everywhere even if you pour over a bowl.
Although this seems easy I think I might need more practice as not all the beads stuck. I also really didn't like the texture of these they got caught on everything, and started to come off almost instantly. I couldn't even touch up my hair without these getting caught and coming off, and I would not recommend having a warm bath or shower with this on.
This manicure really doesn't last very long, the above is after less then 24 hours wear. Although one plus is that it is a lot easier to remove then glitter.

I wouldn't buy any more of these but might try again.  I would definitely apply after doing my hair and getting dressed. I would also only ever wear for a night out.

Has anyone else tried out this? Is there a way you can make the manicure last longer?