Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Summer Book Review - This Time Next Door by Gretchen Galway

I meant to write this a couple of weeks ago as I discovered a great book available for free on both iBooks and Kindle, it doesn't seem to be free on Kindle any more which is typical.

Anyway I was looking for something light and easy going to read whilst I was studying and discovered This Time Next Door by Gretchen Galway available for free on iBooks. Not all of the reviews were glowing but it was free so went for it.

I loved this book, I will warn you if you are looking for something deep and meaningful or the next Man Booker winner then maybe this isn't for you. Equally  if you are prudish then maybe pass this one by as there is some sex in it, this isn't Fifty Shades but will definitely make some people blush.  If however you are looking for a light holiday read I couldn't recommend this enough.

I read this in under 48 hours whilst working and studying as I just couldn't put it down, I don't want to ruin the story but it focuses on Rose who moves across America and ends up living next door to Mark, a computer geek who lives with his mum and who desperately needs to get out more. I loved Mark and seriously wished he was real. I also loved his mum as she made me laugh out loud several times.

This is one of those books that I was genuinely upset to finish and have read some parts more then once, as I just didn't want it to end.

I can't see how much this is on iBooks any more as I have downloaded which is really annoying so it may still be free but on Kindle it is £2.49 available here.

I will definitely be buying other books by the same author especially for my holiday in September.

What are your favourite holiday reads?