Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sample Sunday - Benefit b.right It's Potent Eye Cream

I got this sample when I had my makeup done at a local Benefit counter months ago. After using up my No7 eye cream I decided to give this a go. It claims to 'fade dark circles & help smooth fine lines'. I wasn't expecting much as I have always suffered with dark circles. 

This is a light cream which I found was quickly absorbed. It wasn't refreshing or awakening, so can be used both day and night. When I did use twice a day I did really notice a difference.

As I said I have always suffered dark circles and I am pretty sure I will never get rid of them fully, regardless of how much I spend on an eye cream or how much sleep I get. Due to the stress of my exam I had not been sleeping well. I took herbal sleeping pills as a last ditch attempt to get a good nights sleep, but nothing really worked. I was having dreams about not getting my statement of financial position to balance and where to put a gain on a disposal.

Even with such broken sleep I noticed that my dark circles were looking better, I was putting on less concealer and my eye area looked brighter, and just generally better.

I was really impressed with this. I have never noticed such a difference in my eye area. I did really want to try the Clinique Dark Circle Corrector but I don't think I will now. I have got a couple of other samples to use up. One of which I am really interested to see how it compares  to this as have heard that it is amazing.

This is available from for £24.50 with free p+p for 14.2g