Thursday, 13 June 2013

Primark Haul

With summer approaching I desperately needed some summer clothes so decided to head to Primark on quiet (ish) Sunday morning. I actually picked up rather a lot for me, as find the Norwich store not that great.
The first thing I bought was this gorgeous western stud dipped hem dress. As soon as I saw this I knew it would be coming home with me. I really love sheer material for the summer and the stud detail makes it that bit more interesting. I wasn't so sure on the high low thing but on I really like it. I did have to separate the vest style dress as getting into this was a pain in the back side. This was the bargain price of £7 however once home I noticed a tiny hole in the material, I don't think its that noticeable so not worth a trip into the city to return.  The only problem is what shoes to wear with it? Any suggestions welcome.
I went a bit crazy for their dresses and picked up their textured skater dress in blue and green, well they were only £13.  I  got these so I could wear to work but think that they might be a bit short. They are still ultra flattering,comfortable and can be dressed up or down, so perfect.
As I said I got two. The emerald one didn't have a belt attached, but was the last in my size, so it wasn't a bit deal.  The green one is actually available on, lets hope they pick up more Primark clothing as would make the site even better.
I also picked up this stripped vest top for £4. I love how bright this is and that it is longer at the back, so covers your bum. Some days I just feel like my bum is too big and that everyone is starring at it. I am sure they aren't but like to have a bit more material covering it all the same. That said this is quite sheer and will have to wear either an old granny nude bra or a bra that is made to be seen.

The last items of clothing, well apart from knickers which I don't think you wanna see are these adorable pjs for £7. They are so soft and perfect for summer, the shorts are very short but I don't suppose that matters.
The last two items are very random but just had to get them, one was a lint roller. I am a bit obsessed with lint rollers as they are a necessity for when I visit my mum. She has two dogs, my sister who lives with her has a dog as does my other sister so can be up to four dogs. You end up covered in dog hair which I hate so before I leave I go mental with a lint roller.

The last thing was some antibacterial hand gel which is a handbag essential and was only 60p. I haven't tried this yet as I still have my weird rash on my hands so not trying anything new until I know what it is or it goes.

If anyone has any suggestions on shoes with my studded dress please let me know.