Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Haul - Holiday Essentials

As I am off on holiday next month to Turkey I decided to nip to Boots and grab some essentials.  The obvious holiday essential is sun tan lotion and I picked up 4 bottles as don't want to skimp and end up getting burnt - also they are on buy one get one free.

I got one bottle of Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protection Spray SPF30 and SPF20 I used these last year and was really impressed.  I didn't get burnt, my skin wasn't really greasy and it didn't mark or stain my bikini. 

I also picked up Hawaiian Tropic Protective Sun Lotion SPF30 as it smells gorgeous I have never tried any sun protection from this brand but am looking forward to seeing how good it is compared to Ambre Solaire.  I also picked up the Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive Face Sun Lotion SPF30 which doesn't smell like the body version but I guess you wouldn't want something smelling that strong on your face.  I will do a review of these two products when I get back.

I also picked up Handy Wipes and Soap & Glory Hand Maid for putting in my beach bag.

Obviously I will be taking a lot more products but just wanted to share what I recently bought.