Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Big Read - Emma by Jane Austen #2

Just a quick post to let you know how I am getting on with Emma, I am up to chapter 21 and really enjoying it.  Its not a book where you have to stay up till the early hours reading as you literally cant put it down but then again how many books actually are.

I do find myself wishing I lived in a Jane Austen novel. I think I would quite enjoy being Emma Woodhouse doing as I pleased, yes her father would probably drive me nuts but then whose parents don't.  Jane Fairfax has just come to Hartfield and Mr Elton has got engaged and so far I think that the BBC adaptation with Jonny Lee Miller (yum) has stayed very close to the book.

On the subject of adaptations I do like that I have watched the show first, maybe I lack imagination but it just helps me picture the characters like Mr Knightley being the gorgeous Jonny Lee Miller (yes I may have a little crush on him) or in Pride and Prejudices case Mr Darcy will always be Colin Firth.  Yes I know how the book will end but I can still enjoy the story.  Also I think that if you read the book first you can often end up disappointed in the directors vision and casting in the adaptation. For instance when I think of Christian Grey I think of a young Christian Bale/Scott Disick (more the way he dresses) or at a push Ryan Gosling and I know I will be disappointed if anyone else is cast.  I guess one good thing about Jane Austen's novels is there have been so many adaptations you are bound to find one you like.

What do you prefer to watch the film/tv show first or read the book?