Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Big Read - Emma by Jane Austen #1

I decided that the first book I would read as part of The Big Read would be Emma by Jane Austen. I am planning on these posts being quiet short just sharing my thoughts and am interested in seeing what other people think.

The reason for picking Emma was I wanted to read a classic. I have been spending too much time reading books such as Fifty Shades,  Haven Of Obedience and Ninety Days Genevieve lately and worried I am becoming addicted to a bit of filth! Knew that there would be no filth in a Jane Austen novel.  Also I am a bit obsessed with trying to match make so far no luck but there you go.

I have watched the 2009 BBC adaptation but never read the book before, I am looking forward to seeing how close the adaptation is too the book. I hate it when you are watching something and sitting there thinking (or in my case saying) that didn't happen in the book.  

I did want to write a summary of story but don't want to break any copyright laws so decided against it.

Have you read Emma - did you enjoy?