Monday, 31 December 2012

What I Got For Christmas

I love seeing what everyone got for Christmas and was lucky enough to get a few beauty bits and pieces so thought I would share.

I got a Liz Earle Travel/Try me kit, I have fell in love with Liz Earle products this year, so will definitely be saving this for when I go away.  Included was 30ml of Cleanse and Polish which I love and is my holy grail cleanser, 50ml of Instant Boost Skin Tonic which I have also used and reviewed, 15ml of Skin Repair Moisturiser in Dry/Sensitive, a muslin cloth which is always handy, 5g of Superbalm which I have used before but not reviewed and a new product to me, 15ml of Hand Repair which my younger sister raves about so I am looking forward to trying.
Next is the OPI Correct & Clean Up Refillable Corrector pen, which I am in desperate need of. At the moment if I get any polish on my finger or cuticle I scrape it off with another nail!! I can't wait to try this out so hopefully my manicures can look a bit more professional.
Also for my nails I received a little kit by Nails Inc.  It comes in a gorgeous silver case which is super handy if you are travelling or even for putting in your handbag. In it is 4ml of Caviar Topcoat which I have used before and love as it makes the polish look super glossy and last longer, there is also a nail buffer, a vitamin e oil pen, a nail file and 4ml of Monmouth Street a bright hot pink colour.  I love this kit as is a great way of keeping all your nail essentials together just one niggle well two actually, why isn't there a base coat instead of a colour and why are they so small surely most people have the regular 10ml which they would want to put in the kit when these have ran out.
I also got two Real Technique make up brushes the Blush Brush and Expert Face Brush.  I love my Stippling Brush so can't wait to try these out.
I also got a travel set from Rituals, which includes 50ml Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel Sensation, I do have the full size in my stash but haven't got round to trying yet, 70ml of Brilliant Bliss Nourishing Ultra-Shine Shampoo which smells lovely but I am a bit concerned it might irritate my very sensitive scalp, 70ml Honey Touch Rich & Nourishing Body Cream and 40g Himalaya Wisdom Deep Cleansing Himalaya Salt Scrub which I can't wait to try as I love scrubs.
Lastly I got a Travelo so I can decant my favourite fragrance for popping in my handbag or when I go away
Talking of going away I am hoping to plan my next summer holiday soon does anyone have any suggestions I love Turkey but thinking of trying somewhere new.