Friday, 29 March 2013

Spring Nails - Colour

My last post on Spring nails is all about colour, if you prefer something more subtle I have also done posts on Nude Hues and Pinks and Peaches
Now I know that these aren't all very wearable but I think many will look great on toes, so from left to right there is

Spitalfields this along with Brewer Street was in the first Nails Inc collection I bought from It was years ago and came with three or four more wearable colours. Back to the colour, I have worn this long before I started blogging. I remember it looking very bright on the nails. I think I would be most likely to wear on my toes if I wore again.

Brewer Street is next up and is a very pale lime green, definitely not the most flattering on paler skin tones, but would look great with a tan. I have worn on my toes but not sure I would wear again.

Power Pink was a free gift with Instyle last year and I have done a full post, which you can read here 

Hobart Place is another polish I haven't tried but in the bottle looks like a slightly paler creamy version of Portobello which I wore loads last summer. I really love orange and dark denim so will definitely be rocking this soon.

Cumberland Street is a light blue which I have written a full post about here. Like many of the colours in this post in some lights looks quite pale yet in others looks very bright.

Seymour Place is a beautiful teal which is another polish I haven't worn yet.  I think I got this as a free gift after spending too much at the Nails Inc counter. I don't know why I haven't worn yet as I love teal.

Mint Candy Apple the only Essie polish I own and as yet I haven't tried. I know that this was the nail polish of 2012 but I think its a classic and is the perfect shade for Spring.

Again if there is a polish I have featured and you would like a full post let me know.

What polishes will you be wearing this spring?