Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Spring Nails - Pinks and Peaches

After going through my stash of nail polishes for my Nude Hues post, I decided to go through other shades that will be perfect for spring. Pinks and peaches are great any time of year but look especially good in the spring after wearing dark winter shades for months.
So from left to right there is 

South Molton Street which is the brightest shade of the bunch. I have had this for ages and is one of the sheerest Nails Inc polishes I have. I think this would be perfect for French manicures unfortunately I can't do white tips so not going to test my theory. You can buy this from nailsinc.com

Phillimore Gardens is a beautiful pale pink which would look absolutely fantastic if I had a tan. I have done a full post which you can read here and see my swatches.

Elizabeth Street is a shade I haven't tried, as to be honest I usually go for either dark, bright or nude nails, after digging this out I definitely want to try. I got this is in a QVC set but you can buy from nailsinc.com

Peach Sorbet was a free Instyle Nails Inc shade that I bought last May, I have yet to try but obviously couldn't resist for £2 instead of £11, another shade to add to my ever growing need to use pile.

Kim-Pletely In Love I have shockingly worn this more then once!! It is a sheer pink with a blue shimmer. I posted about this in August last year which you can read here

Pearly Pink is one of the few No7 nail polishes I have. I think that this came in a gift set one Christmas, and it doesn't appear to be available any more. I am pretty sure that this is another shade that I have never worn but in the bottle looks exactly as the name suggests a pearly pink.

I have one more post planned on Spring nails then I really must stop writing about nails and start painting them.

If you would like to see a full post on any of the shades please let me know.