Monday, 6 May 2013

Nails - Kate by Nails Inc

I recently found this whilst sorting out my nail polish for my spring nails series which you can read here and realised that I have never worn this. I decided to give this a go and I really don't know why it has been thrown to the back of collection. This was released when Wills and Kate got married (which was two years ago now) and I bought this along with the Will polish. I remember at the time being a bit disappointed with this shade, just seemed too pale and a bit meh.

Oh how times have changed and this is why I don't tend to throw things away as I now adore this shade. It looks so chic and one of those shades that makes you feel grown up and put together. Admittedly I do have rather a lot of these kind of shades now but am definitely glad this didn't get thrown out.

This was quite sheer and did require three coats but think that the end result is worth the extra coat. As always I used along with my Kensington Caviar Base Coat and  Albert Bridge Top Coat