Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sample Sunday - Avon Ideal Flawless Skin Loving Beauty Balm

I got a sample of Avon's Ideal Flawless BB cream with this months (June 13) Marie Claire and was interested to see how it compared to my Dr Jart+ BB cream which I reviewed here and have since bought and wear daily.

Unlike the Dr Jart there are six different shades available luckily I got Ivory and I was very impressed with the colour match. The second big difference I found was the texture, this is a lot thinner much more like a traditional foundation/tinted moisturiser.
In the interest of fairness I applied exactly the same as I do the Dr Jart. I used a primer first as I find that products sit better on my skin and applied with my fingers. I wasn't expecting much coverage wise but was really surprised at how this evened out my skin tone. I thought because the Dr Jart is so much thicker it wouldn't cover as well. In actual fact I think that this might be better as it is lighter in formulation, so is easier to build up without going cakey. I still needed concealer as I am suffering a couple of break outs on my chin and have circles under my eyes, but if my skin was in better nick would have happily skipped the concealer.

I have read some reviews that said that this had some sparkle to it but to be honest I didn't see any then again it was raining heavily all day so not sure I actually saw my face in direct sun light so can't really comment.

Unlike the Rimmel BB cream which is the only other one I have tried, which you can read a full post here, I liked the way this looked on my skin. It was very natural not cakey and didn't just sit on my skin. I also found the longevity impressive although this might be due to the primer but either way could definitely wear to work, it would need touching up if I was to go somewhere after but 8-9 hours is pretty damn good in my book. It also didn't wear patchy so if you couldn't touch up would not be the end of the world.

Wish I had a bigger sample of this to try but atlas I don't. Overall I was impressed with the product, and it is nearly half the price of the Dr Jart so think I might buy this instead of replacing my Dr Jart when the time comes.

You can buy this directly from for £12 or through an your Avon Representative. If you don't know yours can search for one here