Thursday, 16 May 2013

What's In My Bathroom - No7 Cleansing Body Polish

After using up my Treacle Moon Warm Cinnamon Nights I wanted something to help get my skin ready for the warmer weather. I decided on the No7 Cleansing Body Polish. I got this ages ago as part of a gift set that was on sale after one Christmas.

This has the same scent as the No7 Sumptuous Bath Soak which I have reviewed here. In this incarnation I don't mind the scent, it just reminds me of baby wash.
I tried to get my camera to pick up the tiny exfoliating particles in this but it just couldn't. This is really my kind of product I love giving my skin a good old scrub and do it more frequently then I should, I often end up looking a bit pink. The great thing about this is that it gentle enough to use daily but still feels like it is getting rid of all the dead skin.

This is really great for using before shaving as well as I didn't find it irritated my skin as some rougher products can.

This has definitely got my skin ready for the warmer weather, just waiting for it to stop raining so I can start showing a bit more flesh. The only con I think is the price. I think that there are a load of similar products out there which are a lot cheaper. I would buy this again if this was on offer but definitely not willing to pay £9.50.

This appears to have been repackaged and is available from for £9.50 for 200ml.

Has anyone got any good cheaper alternatives?