Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bank Holiday Treats

Yesterday my company let everyone leave work an hour early to celebrate the bank holiday weekend, so I decided to nip to the shops as my boyfriend who works nearby still had to work till 5.

I nipped to Boots and got some Eylure Evening Wear 101 false lashes after deciding that for my girls night out I would try a Kim Kardashian inspired make up look I found on youtube

I used my Boots points to buy and am quite looking forward to trying them out as have never worn false lashes before.

I also discovered that this months (June 2012) free gift with Instyle is Nails Inc so obviously had to search through the racks and try and find all three shades.

I picked up Power Pink

And Peach Sorbet

There was another shade called Bluebell but I wasn't sure I know my lovely colleague Gemma would get all three so thought I would wait and see how it looks on. 

I also nipped to Next and got some vest tops I got one in black and one in nude as they are two for £7