Friday, 25 May 2012

Nails Inc Haul

I know I have a problem when it comes to Nails Inc but I have needed (not wanted) the Jubilee polish since they said they were doing one.  My boyfriend said that he would treat me to and we did look at getting it online but with P&P of £3.95 decided to wait till it hit the shops.  My lovely friend Gemma also said that there was 10% off Nails Inc at Debenhams so had to visit.

The Jubilee polish is a glitter polish with red, white and blue pieces.  As it is a limited edition polish it comes in a beautiful box and a crystal cap.  I have had some of the crystal cap polishes before and they do tend to fall off but they do look amazing.  With the discount the polish cost £13.50 which is a bargain.  I did pick up two (one for the lovely Gemma as she doesn't live in the city)

I also picked up Black Taxi which I have wanted for ages but always seems to be out of stock.  This will look gorgeous under Burlington Arcade which featured in my recent  Nails - Night Out post. Was over the moon that I got this finally and at £9.90

As the two Jubilee and Black Taxi came to over £35 I got a free gift which was a bag, a nail file and two polishes

The two polishes were Devonshire Row a deep rich lilac

And Warwick Way a bright teal

Am so happy that I finally got Jubilee and Black Taxi with 10% off and four free gifts.

Please note that I think the 10% off ends Sunday 27th May.