Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nails Inc Kensington Hand Lotion

I was very excited when I received the 50mls of Nails Inc Kensington Hand Lotion for my birthday as I love their polishes.

The smell is absolutely gorgeous and it is so light that it just sinks into the skin.  It doesn't leave your skin greasy but fully moisturised and silky soft.

On the tube it does say that it helps 'your hands appear younger and smoother' and I can't say that I have noticed that my hands look dramatically different, but they are smoother.

You can purchase 100ml tube from for £15.00 or a 250ml pump (although I am not sure if they are exactly the same formula).  I must admit it is more then I would spend on hand cream but I do love the product so may just have to treat myself when I run out.