Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nails Inc Ahead of the Trend Collection May Auto Delivery

Three months ago I purchased a Nails Inc Today's Special Value from QVC which was a 7 piece collection including Baker Street and Piccadilly Arcade which you can still purchase online.  I went for the auto delivery option which means I got another 7 piece collection in May and August at the same price.  Whilst I was away the May delivery arrived.

The colours are from left to right

Phillimore Gardens
Kensington Gate
Elverton Street
Hammersmith 3D Glitter
Cumberland Street
Hobart Place
Pont Street Mews

I am so excited to try these out cant wait to use Hammersmith 3D Glitter and Kensington Gate.

I have been unable to find any of these shades available on or on QVC, they only have the original collection but they have got some shows coming up later in May so will keep an eye out.