Sunday, 11 August 2013

nspa - Hot Cloth Polish

When I saw this on I knew I had to try it. Ruth said that it was a good budget alternative to Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, which was actually the first product I reviewed here.  Long story short I loved my Liz Earle until I discovered how much I was paying annually to wash my face. I have tried three cheaper alternatives to varying degrees of success so wanted to see how this fared.

I would say that out of all of the products I have tried I felt that this was closest to Liz Earle's, although it is quite a bit thicker. It doesn't smell the same but many of the ingredients are the same.

There are two main differences one is that this isn't  suitable for the eye area and two the texture. I did always used to take my Liz Earle over my eyes but recently have been taking off the majority of my makeup with Micellar water so this wasn't really an issue. That said with the Liz Earle it is the only cleanser you would need, whereas you would need eye makeup remover with this. 

The second difference is the texture, this is quite a bit thicker. It is still creamy but when you apply to your face this feels thicker, whereas the Liz Earle almost disappears. 

The results are incredibly similar, although obviously I didn't test this with mascara. Your skin is left feeling clean and doesn't feel at all tight. I would also say that like the Liz Earle that this is suitable for any skin type as doesn't dry out the skin or leave any form of residue.

Overall I was impressed if I had tried this first I think I would have been more enamoured, however I just don't think that this is as good for my skin as the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser which I have reviewed here.

I would definitely recommend this if your skin is oily or not dehydrated like mine. Price wise this is £7.00 for 150ml whereas the Liz Earle is £13.25 for 100ml so the value for money is a lot better. This is also always on some kind of offer too so can pick up even cheaper too.

This is available from Asda here