Friday, 12 October 2012

Freebie Friday - Lancome Hypnose Star

I really need to start writing posts for all the freebies I have collected with magazines so decided to start Freebie Friday I very much doubt that this will be a weekly feature, due to working full time and studying. I just want to reiterate that although this is called Freebie Friday I haven't been sent this it I bought with Tatler in their September issue.

I do love getting Freebie mascaras as they tend to dry out quickly and aren't a product you should have hanging around your collection for months.  The small sizes are great and take up less space in your make up bag to.

The wand for this is different to anything I have ever seen before from one side looks normal the other looks like a Christmas tree with bristles longer at the bottom and shorter at the top.
I was unsure how I would get on with the wand but I actually really love it, found the different lengths really useful for getting those little lashes in the corner of your eyes and was even easy to use on bottom lashes. It made my lashes look very black, long and full It didn't clump and lasts all day without flaking or smudging but is still easy to remove.

I only have a couple of little niggles with this, one is the smell its not overpowering or horrid I just don't understand why you would want your mascara to have a scent.  The other thing if you cry whilst wearing this your eyes may sting, I can't remember what made me cry but ouch my eyes stung and I am pretty sure it was this . 

They are only small things and I have been reaching for this much more then my Body Shop Divide and Multiply Mascara.

Would I buy a full size? I am not sure I love the packaging of the full size but £21 for a product that you should only keep for a maximum of 6 months seems a bit much.  I really wished I picked up some more copies of the magazine now.

You can pick this up from for £21