Saturday, 13 October 2012

Nails - Mayfair Mews Nails Inc

I have got a bit behind in posting what nail polish I have been wearing I actually wore Mayfair Mews by Nails Inc (who else) whilst I was on holiday.  I have been back just over two weeks and how I miss the heat and laying in the sun.

Anyway back to the nail polish I spent ages thinking about what colours to bring and then what to actually paint my nails with.  I wanted to go quite bright and summery, I bought a lovely coral bikini from asos, so went with the closest colour I had in my collection which turned out to be Mayfair Mews.  I liked it so much I wore on both fingers and toes for the whole week.
In my photos it looks more neon then in natural light but is a gorgeous neon(ish) coral.  I did find this slightly more sheer then most Nails Inc polishes and did take three coats to get full opaqueness.  As always the polish lasted fanatically and I have used Kensington Caviar Base Coat and Albert Bridge Top Coat.
I got this from in a collection with Baker Street I can't find it elsewhere but the collection is on waitlist!