Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October Favourites

Although October has been a busy stressful month, one thing did happen that made me extremely happy,I found my watch. My dad got it for me for my 18th birthday and I had worn everyday for years, the battery then stopped and I didn't wear for about 4 years. I finally got it replaced at the beginning of the year and I started wearing again, then I lost it. I searched everywhere and got very upset when I couldn't find it.  Then when I was transferring some photos to my laptop for my blog I dropped my SD card down the sofa, I stuck my arm down the side and pulled out my watch.  So thanks to my blog  I found my priceless watch.

Now onto my favourites, the song that I have been loving and singing (badly) non stop is One More Night by Alex Goot & Friends I even prefer their version than Maroon 5's.  I listened and fell in love after Tanya Burr mentioned it in one of her videos.

The next thing isn't terribly exciting, but is a handbag essential Soap and Glory Hand Maid is the best hand sanitiser I have ever used! It is the only one that I have come across which smells nice.  I think this has given me OCD I am forever putting this on, mainly for the smell.  If anyone knows of any other nice smelling hand sanitisers available in the UK please let me know.

My favourite YouTube video is Leona Lewis X Factor Make Up by pixiwoo.  I know its a bit early but think it would be a great make up look for the holiday season, which I can't wait for.

The best thing on TV at the moment has to be Downton Abbey, I was dubious about whether this series would be as good, but I think it may even be the best one yet.  It is perfect for Sunday evenings and how I wish I was Mary, love her clothes and I do quite like Matthew Crawley. 

My favourite make up product is Mac Style blush I now understand the point of blush and will definitely be investing in a few more - does anyone have any recommendations?

I have been wearing my Orange Pussybow Blouse which I got when I went Oxford loads this month think it is the autumnal colour and the fact it looks great with a pair or jeans, which I now live in as my new job has no dress code.

My last favourite is Nescafe Cafe Menu Latte in Caramel, after falling in love with the ice coffee at my hotel in September I was determined to find a coffee drink I love in this country too. I tried coffees in Starbucks and Costa but they were all so strong and bitter so I decided to try some of the instant drinks and discovered these.  They are gorgeous not very strong and just sweet enough although I do think a bit of caramel syrup would make it amazing.  I can only find at my local sainsburys which is a shame but I will definitely be stocking up.