Monday, 8 July 2013

Mini asos Sales Haul

So this month I am trying to be good as I have had to buy a new laptop after my old one decided to stop working. Obviously since vowing to be good all the sales have hit online and I just couldn't resist.  I only ordered four tops, one is definitely going back, one I love and two I am not sure about. 
I will start with the item I am definitely keeping, it is the Warehouse Adorn Paisley Top. As you can see it is pretty sheer but I am thinking of wearing it with a vest top for work or just a nice bra for an evening look, obviously with jeans on as well. I love how this is longer at the back, as always nice to have a bit more material over your bum. I wouldn't pay £40 quid for this so was very pleased to pick it up for £28.
The next item I am returning as its too big and they don't stock any smaller sizes. It's the Oasis Dip Hem Top. Its a lot more pinkie then the camera shows but is utterly gorgeous unfortunately it's just to big. I really like the back as has a peplum feel to it, shown below.
The last two items I just don't know whether to keep, the first especially.
The first is the Warehouse Tile Back T-Shirt which is super flattering, nice and light and will look great with jeans. My only issue is the sleeve holes (or whatever you call them) are low and if your not careful it can show your bra. Is this because I need a smaller size, aren't very busty or is this a common problem? I would order the size smaller to see if that helps but it isn't in stock - any help would be much appreciated   
The last item the Hilfiger DenimButterfly T-Shirt I have much the same problem as the sleeves are so deep you can see my bra. After watching the catwalk on the asos site just now I think this may also be too big, Hilfiger's sizes must run huge as I have a small and it is a lot baggier then the models. I think I am leaning more to returning this.

If anyone knows if seeing your bra poke out from your sleeves is in or not please let me know as I am clueless.