Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What's In My Bathroom - No7 Completely Quenched Moisturising Body Lotion

I slowly seem to be getting round to using all the products that have sat stashed away in various locations in my house. After really not loving the other products in this line from No7 I decided to just bite the bullet and start this.

This is another product from No7 with that baby wash smell which although is not offensive I do think that for the price is an odd choice. The scent doesn't really linger which is a plus but I would prefer it if it wasn't there.

This is incredibly greasy and I would not recommend using on your legs if you are planning to wear skinny jeans for a good few hours as it does leave your skin tacky. After checking the ingredients the reason for this I think that is the inclusion of mineral oil in the product, it is the second ingredient so full of the stuff. I am no skincare expert but after reading several blog posts it appears that mineral oil is simply a cheap oil that has no skincare benefits and doesn't absorb into the skin. If that is incorrect please let me know.

Before I started blogging and taking more of an interest in my skin I would have thought that this was fantastic as your skin does feel silky, now all I think is yuk I have a layer of oil coating my skin. 

I think that this is another product from No7 which is seriously overpriced, this retails at £10.50 for 200ml and considering the main ingredients are water and mineral oil think it is a complete rip off. The inclusion of mineral oil wouldn't upset me if this had been a couple of quid but paying over a tenner I would expect better quality ingredients.  

This has been repackaged but I can't check whether it has been reformulated as Boots don't list ingredients, but is available from for £10.50.