Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sample Sunday - Percy & Reed Smooth, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil for Fine Hair

I got this free with Glamour magazine earlier in the year, and was looking forward to trying this out. I have very fine hair and never found anything that I am truly happy with that gives it any lasting volume.

I had seen demonstrations of this on QVC and obviously the model ending up with lovely thick gorgeous hair. The first time I used this, I had just used Philip Kingsleys Elasticizer for the first time, and absolutely loved the results. My hair felt amazing not only soft but thicker too. I really felt that I had finally found my holy grail volumising product.
Unfortunately my love affair with this did not last. I think my hair looking thicker was more down to the Elasticizer then this. The more I have used this no oil oil, the more I dislike it, it seems my hair has got used to it and now really doesn't do anything. 

My other gripe with this product is that although it says no oil oil, I still have to be careful how much I use or my roots start looking greasy.

To be fair to this product my hair is driving me insane at the moment. My ends are mega dry and splitting all the time, my roots are lank and lifeless and some days I feel like I would be best just to shave it off and buy some wigs.

Is anyone else at their wits end with their hair. I have always had a problematic scalp and fine hair but right now it just seems whatever I do with my hair it looks the same - awful. I thought my Elasticizer would help but my hair just doesn't seem to respond to anything at the moment. If anyone has any suggestions on any products or blog posts that you feel might help, please let me know.

I wouldn't say this is a terrible product it just really didn't work for me. I think if my hair was more manageable then this would work a lot better. This is available from