Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nails - Ciate Sand Dune

Please ignore my tatty cuticles, I have been having serious problems with my hands. I think I might be allergic to washing up gloves and my hands have been reacting to everything. Anyway enough about that after trying out the Ciate Caviar manicure, which you can read my blog post about here. I decided to try the only other Ciate polish I have.  I think that this was a freebie with a magazine which my boyfriend bought me when I was unwell.

It is a really shimmery gold, which is completely smooth and I must say hard to apply evenly. I am wearing three coats with my usual base and topcoats from Nails Inc, and there are still bits which seem to have less shimmer which is really irritating  That said this dried mega fast and has the benefit of looking like glitter but is completely smooth.
Wear wise this lasted a week on my nails with minimal chipping. It is also a million times easier to remove then glitter but because of the extra layer and shimmer slightly more time consuming then regular polish.

I have to mention the packaging, I really don't like it, although the little ribbon is cute it falls off all the time and I really don't like the fact that the bottle isn't round. Also why is the handle so long?

That said it is a lovely colour and looks great on toes too. I will definitely be keeping this in my collection as have nothing like this.

You can purchase from for £9.00